363 Sacrifice a fragment of soul!

    Having said that, the hearts of the four people were tense with anticipation, and mixed with some worry that she would not want to. After all, her strength had been witnessed by them. Even if she can't defeat him, she would still be able to escape. But it was different for them, they couldn't and if she doesn't help them, the four of them would will die here.

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu furrowed her brows and said: "Join forces? I have no relationship with you whatsoever, why should I take this risk? Even if I can't defeat him, it is not difficult for me to escape with my strength. But as for the lot of you.....it's hard to say."

    The hearts of the four of them sunk and didn't expect her to really have this thought.

    For a moment, the four of them exchanged glances. One of them stared at Feng Jiu and asked, "Then, on what terms will this Little Friend help?"

    "Heh heh."

    She let out a low laughter and she showed a toothy grin as she looked at them with a sparkle in her eyes. "Looking at you guys, it should be that your cultivation had been scattered? You've seen my Blue Edge sword and know so many things about me. If you are not one of my people, why should I take this risk?"

    The moment the little Fire Phoenix in her space heard this, he rolled his eyes. What moment was this? She still could think of recruiting people, however, the power of these four Golden Core experts weren't weak, some had already advanced to the middle rank, if they were to really join them, it would indeed be a great asset.

    The four of them became silent the moment they heard her words. When she had said it out, the four of them knew what she meant. But even if this little lass was extraordinary, to ask them to bow down and to pledge their allegiance to her, they weren't very willing to.

    Afterall, to be able to cultivate to such a level, they can already dominate and rule over a small kingdom. Although this little lass has good skills, she had not even reached the foundation level.

    If they did not agree, no matter how strong they were, they weren't able to escape from their current predicament and would eventually lose their lives here.

    After deliberating over it, the four looked at each other and asked: "What do you think?"

    "Even our lives are going to be lost, do you still care about a fragment of your soul?"

    "Mn, although she is still young, but she has the tyrannical aura of a conqueror. Her future is bound to be extraordinary and it would not be too humiliating for us to follow under her."

    "I feel this way too."

    "Alright, since there are no other opinions, then we shall sacrifice a a fragment of our soul and present it to her." Once they presented a fragment of their soul to her, their lives were completely in her hands. If she wanted to kill them, all she needed to do was to destroy their souls and they would die before they could even battle.

    That was why, presenting a fragment of their souls to her was the best sincerity that they could show her. This was also because as she had mentioned earlier, they know too much about her , if they weren't her people, why should they live?

    Once they had made the decision, after they glanced at the withered old man in the middle of the array, they immediately presented a fragment of their soul to her and said: "Today, we offer a fragment of our soul and swear allegiance to you, our Mistress. This should suffice?"

    Feng Jiu reached out and placed their soul fragments into their hands before they disappeared into the palm of her hand. The corner of her lips curled up and said, "Very good, inhale this medicine in deeply, it can quickly restore your strength."

    She took out a bottle of medicine from her space and threw it at them. At the same time, Blue Edge struck down in front of them and shocked them, cutting the blood pattern on the ground.


    "Bam Bam!"

    The four of them were shaken by that sudden strike and they listened to her words and inhaled in deeply. Within moments, they felt spiritual qi in their dantian start to stir....
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