364 Give me your life!

    The power that they had originally lost returned in an instant and life returned to their eyes and with a loud bam of their fist, the whole body's spiritual qi was surging and every vein was flowing with energy.


    With a 'hah', they stretched their tout body which had been restrained. She only saw that one used both hands and seemingly grasp something in midair and the air started to be sucked into their palms, and it was directed in the direction of the withered old man who remained seated.

    Another flicked his fingers and ice blades formed in midair and bolted in the direction of the withered old man. The ferociousness of their attacks made her feel that a Golden Core cultivators was really different.

    The other two attacked at the same time, while one of them shot out a fist and the other brandished his sleeves and several hidden weapons shot out towards the withered old man. The four of them had formed a circle and surrounded him while they attacked and did not give him any chance to escape. It was just that the withered old man's cultivation was above them.

    He initially had his eyes closed but he suddenly opened his eyes. That pair of eyes seemed to have shot out a ray of blood red light and the smell of blood and death qi was extremely dense on him. With a loud 'hah!', both his hands joined the final seal of the array and he raised it up.


    The dense blood qi rose up from his hands and started to spread out as it ferociously slammed into the bodies of the four Golden Core cultivators and sent them flying back like a broken kite.


    The four of them had been severely hurt by the sinister blood qi and as they were sent flying back, they spat fresh blood out of their mouths. They flew back over ten metres and landed at the edge of the array. The moment they touched the array, it was as if there were many hands that were pulling them to the ground.

    Fortunately, the four of them had regained their spiritual strength so they weren't like before where they could not even stand. However, they had been injured by the blood qi and were not able to stand back up immediately.

    It was at this moment that after the withered old man swept his gaze over the four of them, his vindictive gaze came to rest on Feng Jiu who stood in the midst of the array without moving. The murder intent in his eyes was startling and his face had contorted into pure rage and maliciousness that wanted to tear Feng Jiu up into thousands of pieces and when the four of them saw this, they were extremely wary.

    "Quickly, escape!"

    The four of them could not help but shout out in despair, at this moment, they were extremely worried for her; not because they were worried that she held their soul fragments in her hands. Afterall, with her dead, there wouldn't be any threat to their soul fragments.

    They had called out to her because she was so outstanding. They did not wish to see someone who had the tyrannical aura of a conqueror who had a magnificent future have their life extinguished before it was materialized.

    "Escape? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! After ruining all my plans, this old man not only wants to kill her, I want her to die-without-a-corpse!"

    Each word that he had accentuated was imbued with bloodthirst and maliciousness, and all the killing intent covered the sky and it shot directly towards Feng Jiu like a wave crashing down, wanting to drown her in all the killing intent.

    At the same time, the withered old man who had been seated all this while flew up and his hands formed a claw and another burst of cold yin qi rushed towards her. His speed was extremely fast and almost could not be seen. One could only feel that there was an impending sense of doom that was closing in on them and it was so oppressive that it was even difficult to breath.

    "Give me your life!"
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