365 Strong enemy!

    Feng Jiu narrowed her eyes as she looked at him rushing towards her. Seeing the dark aura of death enveloping her, although the situation seemed dire, however she was unusually calm at this moment.

    If it was just a Golden Core cultivator at the initial stage, she wouldn't be pushed into such a tight situation. However this withered old man was already a peak Golden Core cultivator, he was just a short step away from the Nascent Soul stage. What he cultivated was the dark arts hence, he was more sinister than any other similar Golden Core cultivators.

    Or else, he other four Golden Core cultivator wouldn't be in such a difficult situation.

    When she had entered the Nine Entrapment Woods, a lot of things had spiraled out of her expectations. Never had she expected to meet with this Golden Core withered old man, not to mention meeting him while he was trying to change his fate. She did not expect to be embroiled in this situation all because she wanted to save Luo Yu out.

    In such a moment, she had to be extra vigilant or else even her little life might be snuffed out any moment. That was why, she was being extremely cautious and giving it her all!

    In a split second, she took out a medicine bottle and immediately ingested it. All the surrounding spiritual Qi could be seen accumulating with the naked eye and the oppressive pressure that enveloped her seemed to have lessened. The tight grip that held onto her legs also broke away as she jumped up in the air with Blue Edge in hand, she imbued in her spiritual qi and struck out at the withered old man.

    "Green Dragon Goes Out To Sea!"

    The moment her voice trailed off, Blue Edge reverberated and the sword Qi manifested into a magnificent azure dragon that soared through the sky and headed in the direction of that old demon. A strong gust of wind surged forth and the powerful sword cut through the air and caused the surrounding air pressure to lower and sharp wind blades became like ice cold blades that were blown about and the fierce momentum brought forth a strong ancient oppressive pressure that made people feel cold from the depths of their hearts.


    The azure dragon let out a loud roar and at the same moment the large dragon's head slammed into the withered old man as its sharp claws glazed by. The withered old man's eyes were opened wide in shock as the black robe had a huge hole just from the blitzing airflow.

    Before the dragon's tail could reach him, a blood red glow was emitted from his two hands as a blood red dragon emerged and attempted to swallow the azure dragon.

    The two dragons rose up into the air, entangled as they each fought for supremacy. Looking up, two dragons that were condensed by spiritual qi were in the air, biting and snarling as the wind blades surrounding them slashed ferociously ad the bloodthirst was intense...

    To dragons were in the air battling it out while Feng Jiu was on the ground battling with that withered old man. In just a few short exchange of strokes, the tattered and torn clothes had been made even more worn out with countless slits from the air blades.

    Her cultivation was far lower than her opponent and if not for her speed and skills, there was no way she could fight with him. However, after a few more strokes were exchanged, this huge disparity was even more apparent. She gnashed her teeth and threw four bottles over to the four Golden Core cultivators who were looking at the scene in a daze.

    "Drink it and come help me!"


    Because she was distracted for that short span of time when she threw those four bottles out, the moment she finished her words, she was struck in the chest by that withered old man. A powerful death qi suddenly rushed to her and she did not have the chance to dodge. She had no choice but to take that strike head on.

    However, it was this palm strike that disintegrated the worn out clothes on her body and revealed the silvery white defense robe she wore inside....
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