366 Medicinal Potion

    The four Golden Core Cultivators caught the bottles she threw out but when they looked up again, they saw that she could not avoid that palm strike and had received a direct blow to her chest! Just as they were worried for her, they saw that that palm strike had sent her flying back ten metres and had smashed those tattered rags into dust and a silvery white robe glimmered before their eyes.

    "Hiss! It's actually a defensive magical treasure!"

    The four of them sucked in a breath of cold air, they had never expected that she would even possess such a treasure. Moreover, after seeing that although she had been directly hit by a palm strike from a peak Golden Core cultivator, she was not injured one bit. It only showed how extraordinary that defensive magical treasure was!

    The four of them had also noticed that when those inconspicuous tattered rags on her body had disintegrated and that silvery white robe was revealed, her outstanding figure could not be masked.

    Although her face was smeared all over with soot and concealed her real countenance, her eyes were bright as the stars.From those eyes, there was a sense of self confidence and clarity, her posture was straight and her figure no longer looked like a skinny youth but a slender lady with poise and charisma.

    It looks like she really was extraordinary! There was a high possibility that she might not even be a person from this tiny ninth ranked country.

    With their thoughts running amok, they finally regained their senses and immediately thought of the moment that she had drank the contents of the bottle and her spiritual qi had increased exponentially. They quickly exchanged glances and looked at the bottle in their hands and downed the contents without any hesitation.

    The moment the fluid entered their mouth, from their experience, they immediately recognized that it was a medicinal potion! And it was a very pure one at that! As they felt the potion slid down their throats and when it reached their dantian, they only felt a strange circulation in the abdomen where the potion had passed through. The very next moment, they felt the spiritual qi in their whole body burst forth and felt it rushing in their entire body.

    What a powerful potion!

    The few of them were shocked and looked at each other with wide eyes. They didn't expect such a small bottle of potion to have such an astounding effect that was even more effective than a medicinal pill! Such an item, even for them, it was something that was rarely seen!

    At this moment, they no longer had any other stray thoughts because there was a loud bang that resounded above them as the two dragons smashed and dissipated while the two people were still in a heated battle. It was obvious that the girl in the silvery white robes was not a match for that old man.

    Seeing this, they quickly rushed up and surrounded that withered old man and shouted out: "Mistress, you must first retreat! Leave him to us! We'll clean him up!"

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu quickly retreated after she avoided the attack from the withered old man. For her current level of a Great Spirit Master, to contend against a Golden Core Cultivator to such an extent and for such a long time was already her limit and her physical strength wasn't able to keep up. If she continued on, even her spiritual qi would be exhausted.

    Quickly retreating, she was gasping for breath and took a bottle of medicine out from her space and gulped it down. Her line of sight was on the four Golden Core Cultivator who besieged the withered old man and eventually rested at the eye of the array.

    "Little Fire, that old demon's blood qi is should be supplied by that array? If we were to break the array, he would also run out of blood qi to supplement his strength, right?"

    She was conversing with little Fire Phoenix in her mind and made up her mind to break the strange blood soul array.

    The little Fire Phoenix who was seated cross legged in her space nodded his head and his tender voice that had a hint of dominance resounded: "You're right, but that eye of the array is surrounded and protected by all those ghost wisps, and that skull there also has some offensive powers. To even get close to the eye, you must first exterminate all of them or else you won't be able to break the array."
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