367 Luo Yu returns!

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu's gaze fell on the ghost wisps in the surroundings, watching the flames floating in the air, but did not attack anyone. It seems that it had no offensive powers, but in this strange Blood Soul Array which used fresh blood and souls, how could these strange sinister flames not have any offensive powers?

    As for what kind of offensive power would there be? Well, let her give it a try then!

    The moment she made her decision, she avoided the bloody lines of the array on the ground and rushed to the middle of the array. Those who were sitting in the array might have been captured much earlier on as their lives were left hanging by a thin thread. Their bodies were not filled with the breath of the living, but a thick stench of death qi.

    Some could still remain seated on the ground while some had already collapsed into a heap on the ground. After all, they were battling in the midst of the array and with the powerful pressure and the wind blades that flew all around, those people could not dodge nor could they avoid the oncoming onslaught. Not to mention bearing the burden of the oppressive pressure, naturally some had lost the opportunity to live.

    Her gaze on the glazed by those people, her heart was calm.

    The world was just like that - cruel and unjustified. Even if one did not wish to die, but did not have the ability to protect oneself, there was no other way and could not escape the fate of the impending death.

    "Hah! You actually even dare harbour the thoughts of breaking my Blood Soul Array?"

    That withered old man who was besieged by the four Golden Core Cultivators took a few steps back, and from the corner of his eyes when he saw that Feng Jiu wanted to break the array, he immediately waved his hands and chanted a few words. The next moment, he waved his hand and those green wisps each let out a shrill scream and each flame split into two before they flew straight into the eyes of those people.

    Those people who were in a daze had a green flame appear in each of their eyes and as if they had been injected with a soul from the ground, they all pounced at her in unison.

    "Mistress, be careful!"

    Suddenly, a voice came from afar and Feng Jiu was startled. She turned and saw that Luo Yu who should have supposedly left actually came running back. Her expression darkened as she said in angst, "Didn't I ask you to leave? Why are you back? Don't tell me you aren't afraid of death?"

    She had spent so much effort to rescue him, yet he had given up the opportunity to survive and ran back. It made her so mad!

    Luo Yu beamed at her as he raised his hand which was holding onto something and he shouted back in reply: "Mistress, I came back to help!"

    Feng Jiu saw that he held onto something resembling a bamboo tube in his hand, although she had no idea what it was, but when she saw that he was running over, she quickly shouted, "Don't step on those blood lines on the array!"


    He shouted back in reply and as he rushed towards her, he saw that she had turned back to deal with those people that surrounded her. He immediately lit a bamboo tube and shouted, "Mistress, quick! Move away!"

    The moment he finished speaking, a bamboo tube in his hand was thrown in front of Feng Jiu. At the same time, he also threw another towards those people who were fighting.

    Feng Jiu only saw a spark and the smell of sulphur permeated in the air. The moment she smelled that, she was stunned momentarily and quickly retreated. At the same moment that she had retreated, that bamboo tube exploded in the midst of those people with a loud bang, and the ground trembled beneath them.

    "Cough cough!"

    She stepped back and coughed a few times from the smoke. She was surprised and wondered where did Luo Yu get his hands on these explosives.


    As for those for Golden Core Cultivators and they the old man, they weren't as lucky. The explosive that Luo Yu threw at them exploded before they could even avoid it.

    Only a few shouts of exclamations were covered by the loud explosion and the blown away. When they saw that they were about to fall, they quickly stabilised themselves and turned their bodies. They then turned back and stared ferociously at Luo Yu.
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