368 Drag you along!

    After all, Luo Yu was only a rank of a Martial Lord and when he was being glared at by five Golden Core cultivators, he could only feel strong pressure on him and his heart was shaking uncontrollably.

    His whole body could not move under the immense pressure, even words could not be spoken.

    Feng Jiu only watched this scene in a daze, because the explosives thrown out by Luo Yu was so powerful that they blew up a large hole in the ground. Some of the blood lines that had been blown away were slowly starting to reconnect and each of those four Golden Core cultivators were covered in a layer of grey and black, and there was even a burning smell coming from their hair.

    There was no wonder that the few of them were so angry. If not for Luo Yu being on the same side as them, he would most probably be torn up into pieces by them.

    "Hey Brat, can't you aim a little better? You should throw it at that old demon!" One of them pointed at that withered old man who looked as sorry as they did.

    After hearing this, Luo Yu froze like a block of ice and only regained his senses after a long while as he nodded his head obediently: "Oh, all right then. The next time I throw it out, remember to dodge, or else..." He swallowed his saliva and did not dare to continue speaking. He suddenly felt that the gazes had become extremely dangerous because of his own words.

    "Luo Yu, go out first. Retreat out of the proximity of the array." Feng Jiu immediately took those explosives that he was hugging with his hands. She thought that since she could not go near the eye of the array, why not just throw the explosives directly in instead?

    "Alright, but Mistress you have to be careful, these are very powerful." Luo Yu advised before he quickly retreated to hundred metres away. Those were Golden Core cultivators that were battling, he really could not bear the pressure just being near them.

    "Continue to keep him busy and wait for me to destroy the eye of his array. His strength would be greatly reduced then!" She shouted to the four Golden Core cultivators and at the same time, she waved the sword in hand and a powerful sword qi rushed towards the skulls that was surrounding the eye of the array.


    "Bam bam bam!"

    The sword qi formed an arc and slammed into the skulls as a series of bangs resounded out. However, after the dust settled, she saw that those skulls were enveloped under a layer of fresh blood that oozed out from the ground. The originally empty sockets for shot out an eerie red light and one skull floated up and rushed towards Feng Jiu.

    She did not expect that the defence of these skulls were so strong and the sword qi from Blue Edge could not destroy them.

    In fact, what she did not know was that it was not that these skulls had strong defence, what was strong was the blood that enveloped them. It was the blood that had the embodiment of countless souls that was defending the eye of the array. The eye was its weakness and if the eye was to be destroyed, the array would cease and these countless souls would dissipate. So even if the withered old man did not urge them, even against the ancient oppressive pressure of hers, they had to resist to the end.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu ignited the explosives in her hands and threw them out. She threw one at the skulls, another was thrown at the middle of the eye and she immediately retreated back swiftly. Just as she was retreating, she heard two loud explosions from behind. The explosions were so powerful that the soil from the ground were thrown up as well.


    The withered old man who wanted to go forward but was forced to stay in place by the four Golden Core cultivators spurted out a huge mouthful of blood and the blood qi started to dissipate as he began to show obvious signs of weakening. His entire person seemed to have aged suddenly at a horrifying speed that even his skin seemed to have loosened and his wrinkles deepened.

    After feeling the change of his body, his first reaction was to panic, followed by resentment and hatred. He glared menacingly at Feng Jiu as he shouted into the sky with malevolence: "You broke my advancement, even if it means death, I will drag you along!"
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