369 Divine Soul Phoenix Flames

    After he spoke, he congealed all the qi in his entire body, and the powerful pressure and airflow accompanied by the whistling of blood and death qi started to converge and meld together. He stared at Feng Jiu with bloodthirsty eyes and flew towards her at lightning speed . He was determined to perish with her here!

    The overwhelming death qi covered the skies and pushed the four Golden Core cultivators away. They were swept aside and they couldn't help but be shocked. The powerful pressure and qi that he displayed was the full strength of a Golden Core cultivator at the peak!

    He was fighting and giving it his all to perish with her here!

    As he said, even if it was death, he would also drag her along because she had destroyed all his plans!


    The four people were shocked and were unable to help her. They could only watch helplessly and saw the young lady wearing the silvery white robes standing there motionlessly. They wondered if she was so scared that she could not move, and in their minds, they only had one thought and that was for her to escape. She actually even revealed a strange smile and it really made people think that she had been scared silly.


    Luo Yu was also stunned by this scene. He wanted to go forward, but he couldn't get close because that withered old man's Golden Core cultivator's pressure was too strong. Even if he was a hundred metres away, he couldn't move, and he could only watch the scene unfold in front of him helplessly.


    His fist was tightly clenched into a ball, and his heart was twisting in agony. In his opinion, his Mistress should not be able to move under the pressure. At this moment, he felt extremely regretful. If he was careful, maybe she would not be in such danger and would not fall into such a situation.

    If she died because of him, when he went back, how could he explain to everyone? For a lifetime, he would be pricked by his conscience...

    At this time, he didn't even dare to see the scene in front of him. He was well acquainted with the scenes of life and death. He couldn't imagine seeing her end in blood and gore before his very own eyes, but yet he couldn't close his eyes. He couldn't help but watch. Even if that end is extremely bloody and gruesome, he had to look at it.

    But what he didn't expect was that it was not the scene of his Mistress' blood splashing, but the scene that made him extremely shocked...

    Donned in a silvery white robe, she stood in the night, like a Goddess, pure and holy. She stood there and did not move. There was no fear on her face and Blue Edge was stabbed in the ground in front of her while both of her hands were weaving a complicated pattern in the air and her lips were moving slightly.

    Seeing that upon completion of the pattern, there was a dazzling light on her body, and she emitted a powerful and horrific pressure. At this moment, she looked sharply towards the withered old man. Her voice seemed to be majestic and archaic as she said out: "Divine Soul Phoenix Flames! Destroy!"

    Accompanied by her voice, there was a raging red flame that rushed out of her body. The flame screamed and stirred, and manifested into a large magnificent phoenix. It gave a loud cry that resounded in the night. The next moment, the large flame was accompanied by a powerful and horrible pressure that enshrouded the withered old man who was coming directly towards her and burned...

    "Arghhh! Nooooo...!"

    There was a wail of anguish that came out of the flame, that carried a heavy sense of resentfulness that rushed into the sky as it echoed in the night...
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