370 Feng Residence’s disaster?

    The strength of Feng Jiu's body had been thoroughly exhausted. Once she saw that the old man was burned into nothingness by the phoenix flame and at the moment she felt that the crisis was lifted, she fell unconscious immediately . She finally she could not hold it anymore and fell back in a deep faint.


    Luo Yu came back from the shocking scene, and didn't even have time to think about where did the phoenix shaped flame came from. Seeing her fall, he screamed and rushed to catch her.

    "Mistress? Mistress? Mistress...."

    He anxiously called out to her, seeing her lying softly in his arms unconscious and no matter how much he called out to her, there was no response. He became extremely worried and even brought his finger to her nose to check if she was still breathing. Only when he felt her faint breath did he let go of his worries.

    At this time, the four Golden Core cultivators also recovered from the shock. They looked at each other and couldn't hold back the shock from the depths of their hearts. When they saw that she had fainted, they quickly walked over.

    "What are you doing!"

    Luo Yu stared at them with vigilance. He pulled out the Blue Edge that his Mistress had inserted into the ground and kept it in his space. He then quickly retreated back with wariness. If the four of them held sinister intentions against the two of them, with his strength, he was truly afraid that he couldn't protect her.

    "You don't have to be nervous, we harbour no malicious intent." One of them said, indicating that he should not be nervous.

    "We have recognized her as our Mistress already, so don't be alarmed. Let's first find a place to put her down so that we check on her." Another person said, as his eyes swept by the surroundings with disgust at the dead land that was emitting a sinister aura all around.

    The other two also nodded and said: "Yes, this place has too heavy blood qi, let's leave first and discuss later."

    Seeing this, Luo Yu thought of the situation in which they had dealt with the old man before, and then he let go of his wariness and nodded. "Alright." Following that, he carried Feng Jiu who was unconscious and quickly left with them to find a place that did not reek of death and blood. They finally found a place far away and came to a stop.

    Gently placing her on the grass, Luo Yu asked in a worried tone: "There's no wound on her body, why is she unconscious? Could it be an internal injury?" He was not Fan Lin and had no knowledge of medicine, thus he did not know if she had suffered from any internal injuries or not.

    "Let me take a look."

    One of the Golden Core cultivators said before he stepped forward and took her pulse. After a short while, he said: "She is unconscious because of excessive blood and qi consumption. It should be the last blow that consumed too much. It's nothing serious, she should wake up after a good rest.

    Hearing him say this, Luo Yu nodded his head. He no longer spoke and just stood guard silently by her side.

    "Let us treat our wounds first!"

    The few of them looked at each other and said, as they walked to another area nearby to change out of the tattered black robe. They then took out various bottles and bandaged their wounds. After that, they took out their water bags and washed their faces simply and returned to where Feng Jiu was as they sat down in the lotus position and started to meditate.

    Time passed quietly in the night, and the tranquility that followed after the crisis made everyone feel more relaxed. Perhaps because the powerful pressure that shrouded the place had gradually dissipated, so as the sky became brighter, roars of beasts could be heard.

    However, what they did not expect was that Feng Jiu did not wake up when the sun rose, but she had slept for an entire three days and three nights...

    And when she was unconscious, in Cloudy Moon City, a sudden disaster came to the Feng family without warning and they were caught unprepared....
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