371 Captured!

    Feng Residence

    Deep into the night, all was peaceful and quiet. Midnight was the time when people were most sleepy. Although the Feng Residence had people guarding, however, a blur of a figure snuck into the residence without any sound and came to the courtyard of Old Man Feng.


    When Old White saw that black robed man had captured Old Man Feng, he flew over and opened his mouth in an attempt to bite him. However, the black robed man threw some powder at him and he let out a groan as he fell back to the ground before he lost all consciousness.

    The black robed man glanced back at Old White who was sprawled on the ground before he flourished his sleeves and quickly disappeared into the night....

    Early next morning

    Guan Xi Lin was at Feng Xiao's room and when he did not see the figure of Old Man Feng, he asked: "Father, Grandfather hasn't come by yet?"

    Leaning against the bed frame, Feng Xiao shook his head and replied, "I haven't seen him since this morning, perhaps he hasn't woken up yet!"

    During this time of recuperation, with the medicines and pills, his body was recovering very fast. However, his chest would still hurts when he coughed. His strength and vigour had also returned to about 70 to 80%. However because of his internal injuries, he could not even speak loudly without hurting.

    It was precisely because of this that his daughter had made the effort to go to the Nine Entrapment Woods and she mentioned something about finding an ingredient to make an ointment for him.

    It's just that she had gone for a few days and he wondered when would they be back and could not help but worry if they had met with any dangers.

    "Have you been eating all the medicines that Little Jiu had left for you on time? Are there wounds on your chest any better now?"

    "Mm, it's better but I can't circulate any qi. Once I circulate any qi, it would hurt." Feng Xiao laughed and said: "Actually, this is already considered very good. If not for Little Jiu's miraculous medicinal skills, I'm afraid I wouldn't even have any life left."

    "You don't have to worry at all father, Little Jiu said that he would be able to recover fully. Since she said so, it must be true. However, it takes some time for your body to completely recover, but this is also good. After your wounds have completely recovered, you can cultivate in seclusion. I believe that your strength will improve by leaps and bounds."

    Feng Xiao nodded his head happily as he said emotionally, "I really didn't expect my Little Jiu to be so capable. That day, father mentioned to me that she had proposed to move to another country to settle down, but in my view, wherever we stayed will be the same. As long as our family is together and our days are peaceful and safe. That is all I ask for."

    "That's right! As long as the family is together, it's better than anything else."

    He looked at Feng Xiao as a glint of determination flashed by his eyes and said: "That is why I have to continue to cultivate hard and succeed, I want to enter the Nebula Academy in Green Gallop Country. This way I can think of ways to find out more news about the whereabouts of my parents. I believe that once I step out, I would definitely be able to find them one day!"

    Feng Xiao laughed and said in encouragement, "That's right, whatever you do, as long as you try, anything is possible."

    Guan Xi Lin suddenly became very curious as he looked at Feng Xiao and after a moment's hesitation, he asked: "That's right Father, how is it that I've never heard you mention anything about Mother? Is she still alive?"
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