372 Where is Old White?

    When he heard this, he was stunned for moment before the smile on his face gradually disappeared. He slowly narrowed his eyes and remained silent.

    Seeing this reaction, Guan Xi Lin felt apologetic and knew that he had asked something he should not have asked. He quickly said with remorse: "I'm so sorry, it was just a moment of curiosity."

    Feng Xiao looked at him and shook his head. He was just about to speak when he saw Leng Shuang walk in hurriedly.

    "Patriarch, something happened!"

    At this time, the face of Leng Shuang was cold and dignified and behind her were the seven Feng guards. This was also the first time that they had been allowed to step into the room. Although they received news that he had fallen unconscious, they saw him leaning against the bed frame and he looked quite well.

    Although they were puzzled, but they did not ask anything at this moment because the more important thing was that the Old Patriarch Feng had been taken away and his whereabouts were unknown!

    Feng Xiao glanced at the seven Feng guards that followed behind her and asked immediately, "What happened? Why do everyone looks so flustered?"

    Leng Shuang paused momentarily before she replied, "Patriarch, please listen to my words calmly. Please do not get too agitated."

    When he heard this, Feng Xiao's expression darkened and he nodded his head. After he took in a deep breath, he said: "Say it! I'm not any young hot-blooded boy, I know my limits." He knew his own body's situation and Leng Shuang's warning to him was to make sure that he remained calm no matter what news it was. It was imperative that he had to remain calm.

    At this moment, the only people he could think of was Old Patriarch Feng and Feng Jiu. Something happened to one of them? Little Jiu was at the Nine Entrapment Woods so even if there was any news, it was impossible to be passed back so soon. That only leaves Old Man Feng...

    As he thought about how he had not seen him this morning, he breathed out slowly to adjust his emotions before he asked nervously: "What happened to Old Patriarch Feng?"

    "Old Patriarch Feng had been taken away by someone!" She looked worriedly at Feng Xiao, fearing that he would be greatly impacted by this piece of news.

    However, after hearing the news, his face was calm and he looked like he was in deep thought. There was no anxiety and panic. However, the fear in his eyes could not be concealed.

    "What? Grandfather had been taken away? How... How could this be?"

    Guan Xi Lin was shocked and could not believe what he heard. With the strength of Old Man Feng, who had such an ability to sneak into the Feng Residence and take him away without alerting anyone?

    "Give me the details."

    Feng Xiao said in a low voice as his gaze was fixed on Leng Shuang all. "How was it discovered? Who was the one who discovered it? Tell me everything you know."


    Leng Shuang replied earnestly, "Before Mistress left, she had left strict instructions for me to give Old Patriarch Feng a medicinal diet every day. When I went over this morning, I discovered that the guards in the courtyard did not look right. They were frozen in place and when I went to check, I realized that they all had their acupuncture point sealed. I immediately ran into Old Patriarch Feng's room to check, his bed was cold and there was no trace of fighting the room. After surveying the entire area, there were no clues left behind. The only thing I found out was from the mouths of those guards whose acupuncture points had been sealed. Last night, a black robed man took Old Patriarch Feng away."

    At this moment, Fan Lin stepped forward and said, "Patriarch, after we heard the news, we went to enquire around the manor and only found out other than Old White's cry at midnight, there was nothing else that was out of the ordinary."

    "Old White?"

    Feng Xiao was taken aback and immediately asked, "Where is Old White now?" Towards Old White who had saved his life, he no longer treated it like any other ordinary horse.
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