373 Clues!

    When they heard his question, the few of them so thought that Old White might know something. One of the Feng Guards, Qi Kang, immediately answered: "He should be at the Rock Garden, I will go and check." The moment he finished, he immediately turned and walked out.

    "Patriarch, your body..."

    Fan Lin was also a doctor and his so that he looked well, he couldn't help but ask. Whoever said that he could not be cured? So then, what was all the hype about in the recent news? Miss, what are your intentions?

    "There is nothing too serious, I am just taking advantage of this opportunity. Just the few of you know the truth, don't let this leak out." But said in a calm and serious note as he gestured to Guan Xi Lin to help him off the bed to go to the table outside and sit.

    The few of them exchanged glanc and suppressed the curiosity in their hearts as they followed. No wonder Miss did not let anyone near the room, it turned out that their Patriarch was not in a coma. However, this was also good news, if not for today, they wouldn't know that his body had already recovered to such an extent.

    "The matter about Old Patriarch Feng being taken away, before Little Jiu returns, I want this news to be sealed and not a single thing to be leaked out." Feng Xiao expressed his stance on this matter in a calm and unhurried tone. "In addition, no one is allowed to visit."


    The few of them answered solemnly as they knew the seriousness of the matter. To the outside world, Feng Xiao was unconscious and in a coma. If the news of Old Patriarch Feng being taken away was leaked out, it would definitely be detrimental to the Feng Residence. Now, those other forces and the Ruler do not dare touch Feng Residence because of Old Patriarch Feng and the Feng guards. If they knew that Old Patriarch Feng had been taken away and was missing, the consequences were unimaginable!

    After a short while, Qi Kang came back and said, "Old White is at the Rock Garden and is in a deep sleep. I've checked the surroundings and found that there are some powder on the ground. Most probably, Old White had discovered that black robed man but he was dealt with in such an underhanded manner. Another thing, I found this below Old White's belly."

    He took out what he found under Old White's belly and placed it on the table and said, "Look at this Patriarch, does this belong to Old Patriarch Feng?"

    It was a piece of jade was the size of a nail. It was one of exquisite quality, a deep green that was glossy and translucent. Although it was only a small piece, however it could be seen that this was not the average jade.

    "This doesn't belong to father."

    Feng Xiao shook his head after looking at it and fell into deep contemplation. After a while, he said: "Such quality of jade is not common even in our Sun Glory City. This should have been dropped by the person who took him away. It's just that just based on this piece of jade, it would be hard to start a search."

    "Well, it's better than having no clues at all. At least we know that he should not have any threat to his life at this point."

    Guan Xi Lin said as he picked up the piece of jade and continued, "I shall take this piece of jade to the black market and let them check. They may be able to know where it's from, as long as there are clues, he can find out about grandfather's whereabouts."

    Mm, when this piece of jade to the black market. But this is our only piece of clue, be careful and do not lose it." Feng Xiao nodded his head and when he thought back on the words of Guan Xi Lin when he said that Old Man Feng would not be in any life-threatening danger, his heart felt more at ease.

    He had a point, with the opponent's strength to enter the Feng Residence with such ease and stealth, if he wanted to take their lives away, it would be a piece of cake. However, he only took Old Man Feng away and did not kill him, perhaps, the situation was not as dire as they thought.
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