374 Sincerely willing?

    However, if Old Patriarch Feng news of being taken away spread out, the consequences would be disastrous...

    "Patriarch, when would Miss come back? Do you need to send someone over to look for them?" One of the Feng Guards asked as the situation at hand was really not very optimistic. If the news were to leak out, there wasn't anyone strong enough to act as the backbone to support the current residence.

    "She should be coming back soon, let's just press down this matter first. You all only need to take care of the matters in the residence for now and wait till she's back, we will then discuss this further." Feng Xiao said in a deep voice and waved his hand to dismiss them.

    Seeing the situation at hand, they faintly looked at each other before stepping out. At the moment, Old Patriarch Feng had gone missing, the Patriarch could not appear in front of others and their Miss was still not back. They were the only ones left to guard the Feng Residence well during this period.

    "Father, you should rest first. I will make a trip to the black market." Guan Xi Lin said as he kept that piece of jade away.

    "Mm, go then!" Feng Xiao nodded his head and fell into deep contemplation. What should be their next step be?

    Guan Xi Lin walked out swiftly. To investigate the origin of this piece of jade, only the black market could help in this aspect, after all, in Sun Glory Country only black market had their network in every country.

    Leng Hua who was standing by the side saw his sister's implied meaning as he stepped forward and said: "Patriarch, your body has still not fully recovered. Please go back to the bed to rest first!"

    "There is no need, I'm still thinking of things." He waved his hand and refused to go to the bed to lie down.

    At the initial stage, he wasn't very mobile. Now that the external wounds had healed considerably, getting off the bed and walking a bit was not a problem. Naturally, he no longer wanted to lie down at all. Moreover, now that a such a thing had happened, he needed to think about things properly.

    In the end, who was the one who took Old Man Feng away? What was his purpose?

    If you said that it was his daughter was the one who was taken away, he could still think of a possible reason that the person was obsessed with his daughter's beauty. But now that it was his elderly father, he simply couldn't think of any possible reasons.

    During this period of closing their doors to all guests, coupled with the strict discipline of the people in the residence, the matter of Old Patriarch Feng being taken away had been entirely suppressed. Other than the few handful of people who knew the truth of the matter, no one outside caught wind of this news.

    As for the other side, in the Nine Entrapment Woods.

    Feng Jiu who had been unconscious for three days and three nights finally woke up and slowly opened her eyes and looked at the few of them who were protecting her by her side. The memory of the matters happening until she lost consciousness flashed as light returned to her eyes. She wanted to sit up and this movement was noticed by Luo Yu.

    "Mistress? You've woken up?" Luo Yu looked at her with surprise and delight as he quickly went forward to support her.

    Those that were seated not too far heard the slight commotion and opened their eyes. When they saw that she had woken up, the four of them quickly stood up and walked to her side. They then cupped hands together in respect and greeted: "Mistress."

    It was reasonable to say that she did not deserve such salutation and respect from them. After all, she wasn't even a Foundation Cultivator and they were already in the ranks of the Golden Core. However, after witnessing her strength and abilities, they had been completely and sincerely convinced and recognised her as their Mistress. When she heard them salute her as their Mistress, Feng Jiu revealed a faint smile and it was at this moment that she looked carefully at the few people in front of her.

    Although the four of them were Golden Core Cultivators, because of the difference in strength, two of them were about forty years old and the other to seem to be in their fifties. The four of them wore grey robes that were inconspicuous, however their auras could not be neglected.

    "You are really willing to recognise me as your Mistress?" She asked with clear eyes as her gaze rested on them.
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