375 Heaven and Earth Oath

    When they heard her words, the situation became a little awkward. They smiled wryly. What did she mean? What if they weren't willing to recognise her as their Mistress? What's more, their very own soul fragments were in her hands, did they have any other choices?

    It was as if she knew what they were thinking, Feng Jiu took out the four soul fragments and said to them, "Taking your soul fragments was for insurance at that time. Now that the danger is over, I shall return these soul fragments to you. If you want to leave, please help yourself!"

    The four soul fragments were taken back and kept well. However, at this moment, their hearts had been moved. With their strength, if they were to serve her as subordinates, she will gain a huge advantage and grow more powerful. However, they did not expect that she would return their soul fragments to them and even said such words.

    Whether she was sincere or not, this moment, their lives were no longer in her hands. To them, it was a good thing, after all, no one wants to leave their lives in the hands of others.

    It's just that letting them decide whether to leave or stay had opened up another path and the choice to choose with their own free will was presented to them. The four of them were silent in contemplation.

    To stay? Or leave?

    This was a question worth pondering over.

    At this moment, Luo Yu who was watching at the side was also nervously holding onto his breath while he waited for their answers. Would the four them choose to stay? If they stayed, then it would definitely be a good thing for Mistress.

    After all, the four of them were Golden Core cultivators and were far more powerful than the Feng guards!

    After contemplating about it in silence for a while, they looked at each other and said to her: "We are willing to stay and recognize you as our Mistress." If they talk about the present, she was definitely not someone that possible for them to pledge their allegiance to. However, what they were looking at was the long term and from last night's battle, the knew that she was someone extraordinary and her future was unparalleled!

    When she heard this, Feng Jiu lips hooked up to a smile and there was a sparkle in her eyes. She raised her eyebrows with confidence and hint of pride and said, "You will know that the decision made today was the best decision ever made in your life!"

    She stood up and looked at them before she said: "However you have to remember, people under me are not allowed to have traitorous hearts, if you betray me one day, no matter if it's the ends of the oceans or heavens, I will search and hunt you down!"

    The four of them were shocked by the sudden chill in her voice. It was then that they had no doubt about her words. If there was ever one day that they betrayed her, she would definitely execute what she said.

    Thinking of this, the four of them wholeheartedly straightened out their emotions and said, "May we ask for Mistress' name?"

    She glanced at them and replied, "Feng Jiu."

    Four of them nodded their heads and it was at this moment that each of them held two fingers and pointed them to the sky and said solemnly: "I vow that from this day on, I swear allegiance to Feng Jiu. She is my Mistress and I will follow her wishes for life and would never betray! Heaven and earth shall bear witness to this oath I make!"

    As soon as they finished speaking, a complex array appeared on the ground where the four of them stood which was connected by spiritual energy and it finally went between each of their eyebrows and completely disappeared.

    Seeing this scene, Feng Jiu's pupils trembled slightly. If it was before, she still had some worries but now, all of that had dissipated and she could completely trust them.

    The Heaven and Earth Oath was not anything that could be joked about. If they dared to betray her, even without her personally stepping forward, the heavens and earth would eliminate them for her!

    This was the power of the Heaven and Earth Oath of this world!

    Luo Yu looked at the scene completely stupefied, this was the first time he had witnessed the sanctity of the Heaven and Earth Oath. One must know that even if it was himself, even if he wanted to make such an oath, he was not qualified...
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