376 Directed at Old White

    With the Heaven and Earth Oath in place, he naturally had no doubts about them. This trust came about naturally, it's just that until now, he still found it hard to believe that everything was real and could not help but felt that he was still in a dream...

    Who would have thought that he had accompanied his Mistress to the Nine entrapment Woods to seek for some herbs and he almost died here instead. And now, not only did his Mistress gain four Golden Core Cultivator as her subordinates, just these four of them in their Sun Glory Country would render the Ruler to be courteous and polite to them. Moreover, they were only subordinates of this Mistress!

    Just the thought of it made him exhilarated. If not for following her, he would never know that she was this powerful.

    Feng Jiu looked at the four of them and revealed a smile she said, "I came to the Nine Entrapment Woods to look for some herbs, since you all chose to be under me, follow me back to the Feng Residence after I'm done here!"

    "Yes." The four of them replied in unison and followed her deeper and deeper into the depths...

    The few of them stayed here for another two days. Since there were four Golden Core Cultivators in the party this time round, no beasts dared to approach them. Hence, they did not encounter any danger during this journey.

    During this time, Feng Jiu led them into the deepest parts of the Nine Entrapment Woods and dug up the necessary volcanic earth core black mud and headed back together with them towards Cloudy Moon City...

    Afterall, paper wouldn't be able to contain fire and after the repeated refusal of guests at the door and no signs of the Old Patriarch was seen, it naturally started to gain attention from the people.

    Under the scrutiny of many and countless discussions, the news of the disappearance of Old Man Feng was finally passed out and made it impossible for the Feng guards to continue to keep it under wraps.

    "Patriarch, we do not know how but the news have leaked out. The news spread rampantly early this morning and countless people have arrived at the gates to enquire about the whereabouts of Old Patriarch. Even the people in the manor are discussing about it. The Ruler has also sent people over."

    A Feng Guard was diligently reporting to Feng Xiao the situation that had spiralled out of their hands. Once the news was spread out, not only were the people outside talking about it, even the people in the manor were talking about it with worry.

    In their view, their Patriarch was in a coma and the Old Patriarch had gone missing. The Feng Residence was no longer a safe haven, and they were afraid that it could no longer be supported anymore.

    "Don't bother about the matters happening outside, all that matters is as long as everything within the manor is stabilized." Feng Xiao said in a sombre and calm tone and asked, "How is that matter I've entrusted to the Feng Guards?'

    "We have already sent someone to arrange the transfer, they should arrive in about two days."

    When he heard this, Feng Xiao nodded his head in approval and said, " Mmn, remember not to attract the attention of the other forces in the city. Let them be in disguise and infiltrate in with the common people for the time being, also, when Little Jiu is back, report to me immediately."

    "Yes." Fan Lin responded immediately and stepped back to leave.

    Just as he left, another Feng Guard came over and reported: "Patriarch, there are two Martial Cultivators outside the gates and said that they were under the orders of the Royal Palace. We have already refused them but they aren't willing to leave and said that they must enter the manor today."

    When he heard this, Feng Xiao who initially was leaning against the bed frame with his eyes closed immediately opened his eyes and with furrowed brows, he said, "Martial Cultivators?"

    He was in deep thoughts and said, "Then it means that it should be people sent by the Ruler, but, what's their purpose?"

    The Feng Guard hesitated for a moment before he said, "The purpose of their visit seems to be directed at Old White."


    Feng Xiao roared with anger, without even meeting them, he already knew who those two Martial Cultivators that came knocking were!
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