377 Thick Skinned

    "These people's skins shamelessly thick!" Feng Xiao bellowed out in rage and this sudden outburst had triggered his internal injury and he could not help but scream out in pain.

    "Patriarch! Your body still hasn't fully recovered, you can't get too angry."

    Leng Hua, who was standing by the side, immediately came forward and reminded him with worry before he glared at that Feng Guard and said with discontent: "Hasn't everything been relayed before already? Why do you ask such questions to the Patriarch? Aren't all the matters in the manor to be handled by the lot of you? Patriarch is still recuperating and cannot get agitated, if his condition worsens, are you able to shoulder the consequences?"

    When he heard him, the Feng Guard was stunned. He did not expect that the youth whom presence was almost transparent that served silently by the Patriarch's side would say such words. Listening to his words, it seems that he meant that they should settle this on their own and not bother the Patriarch.

    However, that was before when they thought that the Patriarch was in a coma, now that the Patriarch was awake, they were worried that if they did not seek their Patriarch's advise, they wouldn't do a good job.

    "Go! Go and block them! Our Feng Clan now is only a family clan and has nothing to do with them! Even if they show the Ruler's token, block them for me! They still want to set their sights on my Little Jiu's Old White! Hmph! Too shameless!"

    Feng Xiao roared with anger but he was afraid that it would worsen his internal injury and he quickly rubbed his chest with one hand and slowed down his pace as he tried to suppress his anger.


    The Feng Guard stepped back to leave after receiving the orders and when he turned around, he took a quick glance at the inconspicuous youth who was pouring tea for the Patriarch. The words of this youth rang in his head; they were impressively concise yet decisive. This made him look at this youth in another light.

    The two old men who were standing outside the gates saw that the doors still remained closed. They had been standing out here for quite some time already and their displeasure started to show on their faces. One of them snorted and said loudly: "Why is it taking so long? Who is in charge?"

    "There's no one to lead in the Feng Residence, even the basic manners are lacking." The other old man said unhappily.

    Ever since that battle , they no longer held any regard for the Feng Residence. It was a place that the Ruler wanted to get rid of, so there was no longer a need to keep up a farce with them. Not to mention, now that the Old Patriarch is missing while Feng Xiao is lying in bed in a coma, all they are left with was a little girl? What could she do?

    If not for the Feng Guards, this Feng Residence would most probably been taken over by now. Like their visit here today, would the Ruler not know? How could it be? The Ruler also wanted to see how the Feng Residence handled this and was scheming of means and ways to get his hands on the token of authority over the Feng Guards.

    As far as they knew, this time he had been plotting and it would not take long for the other forces in the city to take action. At that time, that Young Miss of the Feng Residence, Feng Qing Ge would have no other choice but to seek help from him and he can make use of the opportunity to get his hands on the token of authority of the Feng Guards and integrate them into his own. That time, the Feng Residence would really suffer.

    Say what? Don't want to marry? Hah! What a joke!

    Without the shelter of the Feng Residence, without the protection of Feng Xiao and the Old Patriarch, that Feng Qing Ge would have no choice but to marry! Even if she was a lower concubine and not a side concubine, she wouldn't have a choice at all!

    The gates of the Feng Residence opened at last and the two old men raised their heads up tp look and when they saw the six Feng Guards walk out, they frowned and asked: "What's the matter with you? The Miss of the manor isn't home? Is it so hard to pass a message?"

    "We would like to invite you to head back please. We are not accepting any guests at this present moment." One of the Feng Guards said in a calm and steady voice while he looked at them indifferently.
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