378 His Standpoin

    The moment they heard these words, the two were infuriated and one of them bellowed out in rage: "What audacity! Do you know who we are? You actually dare to turn us away?!"

    "Whoever comes is the same, please go back!"

    The six of them stood outside the gate and blocked the way as they looked at the two old men with narrowed eyes. Although their cultivation had yet to reach the rank of Martial Cultivators, however, if their Master was here, Hah! No need to even mention these two people, even if two more came, they would still need to go back crawling!

    Perhaps, the Feng Residence hasn't showed their prowess for too long and these people had the impression that they were afraid and would dare to act so brazenly. The two old men saw that they were blocking the door and prevented them from entering, one of them stepped forward and yelled: "Move aside! This old man here wants to meet with the Young Miss! If you all still dare to block my way, this old man here won't be polite anymore!"

    The six of them were shocked by the pressure emitted by that old man and their bodies retreated back slightly for a moment. Just as they were about to strike out, they heard a familiar voice.

    "What's happening here?"

    The moment they heard this voice, everyone who stood outside the Feng Residence's gate looked towards the owner of the voice. They saw Murong Yi Xuan clad in purple robes standing there inquiringly with one hand in front of him, the other hand behind him. His handsome face had on a smile but his brows were slightly furrowed and he was staring at the two old men sharply with a trace of dissatisfaction.

    "Aren't you two always protecting my Imperial Father by his side? Why have you come to the Feng Residence to stir up trouble?' His voice was warm but it had a hint of oppression as he looked at them as if he could see through their thoughts.

    "Greetings Third Prince."

    The two of them were slightly stunned when they saw that that person was actually Murong Yi Xuan and without daring to put on airs, they paid their respects to him. In their view, although Murong Yi Xuan was just a prince, however, his strength and talent was extremely outstanding amongst the younger generation. His future achievements would be even more extraordinary and would definitely surpass Murong Bo, therefore the two of them did not dare to be too arrogant in front of him.

    However, the marriage between Murong Yi Xuan and Feng Qing Ge has already been annulled, why did he keep appearing here at the Feng Residence? From what they've heard, the people in the Feng Residence don't really care about him!

    "Greetings Third Prince."

    The six Feng Guards also put their hands together and gave their greetings. Fan Lin's gaze glazed past those two old men as he explained, "We are under strict orders that the Feng Residence is closed and will not be opened to any guests. We have already informed them but they refuse to leave and are bent on creating a stir. They insist on exchanging our Miss' beloved horse Old White for some items, we beseech Third Prince to enlighten us. Is this their own idea or is it the Ruler's intention?"

    When he heard Fan Lin's words, his astute gaze fell onto the two old men and asked sternly: "Is this matter true?"


    The two of them did not continue their words and remained silent.

    Seeing their reaction, Murong Yi Xuan said, "The Feng Residence is the country's protectors. Although they have handed over their token of authority, and even if General Feng has fallen, this Prince here will not condone such insolence towards them in any manner! I am going to let you off this time round because of my Imperial Father. But if there's another time, even if Imperial Father protects you, this Prince here will not let you off so easily!"

    His voice was stoic and majestic, and it was a complete contrast to the usually gentle him. He was someone who seldom lost his temper but once he did, no one dared to look at him in his eyes. Just a simple sentence was filled with determination and awe, when the two old men heard him, they knew his standpoint and even the Feng Guards knew at once that he was determined to protect the Feng Residence!

    The six Feng Guards were feeling apprehensive, never did they expect such a reaction from him and did it mean that his protection was... all for their Mistress?
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