379 Feng Jiu Returns to the City!

    The two old men had been obstructed in such an unsightly manner so many times and their hearts were already boiling with rage, however, there was nothing they could do at this point. They could not show their displeasure so all they could do was to glare at the six Feng Guards and bid their farewell to the Third Prince and left with an angry flourish of their sleeves.

    Even if it was Murong Bo, he wouldn't talk to them in such a tone but this Murong Yi Xuan actually had the audacity to talk to them in such a manner, without even leaving any face for them! What nonsense was he spouting? If it was for his Imperial Father, then he shouldn't be defending the Feng Residence!

    After seeing them leave, Murong Yi Xuan's heart felt heavy and he seemed to be in deep thoughts. After a while, he looked at the six FG and as if he wanted to say something however after he looked at the manor, he didn't say anything and simply turned to leave.

    The few of them saw him turn to leave and walk away. They couldn't help but look at each other before they returned to the manor and closed the big doors behind them, hiding away from the prying and curious gazes from the outside world...

    Two days later, it was early in the morning and the sky was still not bright and the surroundings was still dark. The flying airship quietly descended outside Cloudy Moon City stealthily and did not attract anyone's attention.

    After the few of them alighted from it, Feng Jiu kept it back into her space and said, "Luo Yu, head back first, I will go home later in the day."

    "Mistress is not going home immediately?" Luo Yu was stunned, they were already here in Cloudy Moon City, if she did not go back home, where could she go?

    Feng Jiu just looked at him in the eye and said: "If I don't mention it, you need not ask. You will know what you need to know."

    When he heard this, he smiled and said, "Yes, I will head back to the manor first." Although he said this, it was still too early in the morning and the city gates weren't still open.

    In order not to attract any attention, Feng Jiu changed back into the old and tattered clothes and waited till day break when the City Gates opened and entered the city with the four Golden Core cultivators and headed towards the Peach Blossom Ridge....

    When Luo Yu entered the city, he immediately noticed that something wasn't quite right. Some of the street stall hawkers or even those beggars that were begging by the roadside all smiled at him when they looked at him. Especially when he passed by a tea stall, he saw a familiar face and realized that he did not recognize the previous faces wrongly.

    He originally intended to head straight back to the Feng Residence but he stopped in his tracks and went to that tea stall. As he sat down, he yelled loudly, "Come and bring a pot of tea!"


    The person who was busy preparing the tea replied and carried the pot of tea over. When he saw who the person seated in front of him was, he was stunned momentarily and saw that it was still very early in the morning and there were still not many people on the streets. With a smile, he asked, "Captain, how are you here?"

    "This should be my question, why are all of you here? The moment I stepped in, I saw many of our brothers in disguise scattered all about the city? What happened?" He only stepped out for a few days with the Mistress and the moment they came back, he saw the Feng Guards forces had all been summoned to the city? And on top of that, they were all in disguise as common people, what was happening?

    "We received the order and came over, all our brothers are currently in the city. Captain, you've just came back to the city? I've heard that you went out with the Miss so the things that happened in the Feng Residence recently, you might not know of it yet?"

    Luo Yu was sipping at his tea when he heard this but a sudden sense of foreboding tugged at his heart. He immediately asked, "What happened?"

    "We don't know the specific situation , all that we know is that the Old Patriarch has been missing for a few days." The man said with a low voice, and the Luo Yu who was drinking tea immediately placed the tea cup on the table as his expression crumbled and he stood up swiftly and headed straight to the Feng Residence.

    When he saw this, the man was caught off guard momentarily and quickly shouted after him: "Customer! You haven't paid for the tea yet!"
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