380 Im back!

    Luo Yu returned to Feng Residence with haste and went straight to the courtyard of Feng Xiao immediately after he entered the main gates. When Fan Lin and the rest heard that he was back, all of them came out anxiously. They thought that he would be back with the Young Miss, but all they saw was his lone figure.

    "Luo Yu, why are you alone? Where's Miss?"

    Luo Yu saw the few of them and asked what was on his mind immediately: "I heard that the Old Patriarch went missing? What is going on? With his strength, how can he be taken away? How can it be?"

    "Well, the Old Patriarch was taken away in the middle of the night and his whereabouts are still unknown. The news has been suppressed for several days. We thought that we could wait till Miss was back to discuss the matter, but we didn't expect the news to spread after a few days. Because of this matter, the entire Feng Residence had been on the edge and we haven't gotten any rest the past few days."

    Hearing this, Luo Yu asked: "The moment I entered the city, I saw many of our brothers scattered throughout. Does this mean that our Masters would come too?"

    "All of them came, they are all currently at the courtyard of the Patriarch." Fan Lin said, "What about Miss? Why didn't she come back with you? No.... what happened?!" One really couldn't blame them for thinking this way. But recently, Feng Residence was really too eventful with one incident happening one after another. Hence, the first thought that came to their minds was such.

    "Hey! What are you talking about! The Mistress is very well." He glared at them begrudgingly and said: "I will first greet the Patriarch and the other Masters." And he quickly picked up his legs and took hurried steps towards Feng Xiao's courtyard.

    When the others saw him leave, they quickly followed behind.

    In Feng Xiao's courtyard, eight middle-aged men in their forties were sitting in the courtyard with a dignified look. Occasionally, a few people nodded and whispered to each other. Inadvertently, when they saw the figure that was walking towards them at a fast pace, the several people stopped their discussion immediately.

    "Master! My dear Martial Uncles!"

    Luo Yu stepped into the courtyard and called out to them: "You all came!"

    Luo Yu's Master looked at him and didn't see the figure of Feng Qing Ge at all. He couldn't help but ask in a calm tone: "Didn't you go out with the Young Miss? How is it only yourself? Where is she?"

    "The Mistress has something to do. She said that she will be home in the evening and sent me back to inform it first."

    When they heard this, the faces of several people turned serious. The few Masters of the house had a series of accidents. They were worried that if the Miss really encountered an accident, things would really get out of hand.

    "Since you have already recognized her as the Mistress, you should be by her side to protect her all the time. Why did you come running back on your own? It is an extremely sensitive and eventful period for the Feng Residence now, if something happens to her, tell me, who can afford it?" Luo Yu's Master blamed him and found it strange that he did not follow her in protection.

    When he heard his Master's words, Luo Yu looked at him with a face full of grievance and said: "The Mistress will not let me follow and I have no choice but to listen to her words!"

    "Luo Yu, the Patriarch has called for you." Leng Shuang came out of the room and looked at Luo Yu.

    "Master, my few dear Martial Uncles, please excuse me, I need to report to the Patriarch about my trip out with the Mistress." He said respectfully as he turned and walked into the room.

    The few people in the courtyard saw this and looked at each other. When they saw that several other Feng Guard leaders had arrived, they immediately said, "You all came."

    Fan Lin and others walked over and said that they each greeted the Masters.

    One of the middle-aged men looked at the seven people and said with a calm voice: "I ask you, why is it that out of you eight, only Luo Yu recognizes the Young Miss as the Mistress?"

    As soon as they heard this, there was an awkward silence and they didn't really know how to explain it.

    Seeing that they were all silent, the faces of the several middle-aged men sank, and their sharp eyes stared at them, waiting for them to speak out their own reasons.
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