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    Fan Lin hesitated for a moment and looked at the others before he he said wryly: "Well....we had first wanted to see Miss' abilities, but we didn't think that things would drag on. As for Luo Yu... he was directly beaten up by her that he immediately acknowledged her as the Mistress."

    "Hmph! The way I see it, you all are just too arrogant!" The middle aged man said in a reprimanding tone and said, "Don't forget, you are all Feng Guards that we've trained you from such a young age, taught you everything so that you can be Miss' left and right hands. Now look at you, what have you become? It's been so long and yet you haven't acknowledged your Mistress!"

    Hearing his harsh words, the few of them lowered their heads and did not speak. Indeed...with regards to this matter, they had gone a little overboard.

    "Let me give you a piece of advice, the opportunity has been presented to you, all that's left is to seize it. Don't come crying if you miss the opportunity!" The middle aged man berated them and said in a stern voice: "Go out then. Snap out of your daze!"

    "Yes." The few of them responded despondently and left.

    After they had left the courtyard, the few middle aged men shook their heads. "These children are too proud in their hearts."

    How could they not know what was on their minds? They were the same as them in the past, their hearts were filled with pride and they did not want to acknowledge someone useless as their Master. However, in the end, they had still been convinced by their Master and not only because of his strength, it was because of him as a person and how much he had treasured loyalty and treated them like brothers.

    "That kid Luo Yu, usually he's not that quick but I didn't think that he would have such foresight , much better than them!" Another man spoke up in jest as he smiled. He was obviously very satisfied about the fact that Luo Yu had taken the initiative to acknowledge her as the Mistress.

    "Yeah, I really didn't think that out of the eight of them, Luo Yu was the first to acknowledge her as the Mistress. That kid has a sharp eye." Another man nodded his head and chortled.

    Another middle aged man also chimed in, with a face full of smiles, he said: "Maybe because we have not met Miss for a long time, if Master didn't mention it, we would also not know her true abilities. It's really too surprising."

    As for Feng Jiu's other identity as the Ghost Doctor, their Master Feng Xiao had already divulged it to the few of them and this was the main reason why they were so angry with the fact that the other seven Feng Guards had yet to recognize their Miss as their Mistress. They were in the Feng Residence all day and yet the fact that their own Miss was the Ghost Doctor was still completely oblivious to them. And now, only Luo Yu had acknowledged her as the Mistress, the rest of them, where did their eyes go to?

    As for Luo Yu who had entered the room, he was telling Feng Xiao all that had happened on their entire journey to the Nine Entrapment Woods.

    When Feng Xiao heard that they had encountered such a sinister and precarious situation, his heart was fraught with worry and he listened to every word tensely. Until the moment he heard that they had escaped unscathed and even four Golden Core cultivators had acknowledged Little Jiu as their Mistress, only then did he start to relax.

    "Good..good..good...Hahaha, All that matters is that you have both returned safe and sound. That's all that matters."

    He let out a long breath and sincerely felt thankful in his heart that they had overcame such a predicament. They wouldn't be able to return if wasn't a blessing in disguise.

    When he thought of this, his heart tightened and he reminded himself: When he meets with Little Jiu later on, he must remind her to be more careful in future and if she encounters any troubles, and if she wasn't fully confident in winning the odds to overturn the situation, do not do anything rash like this time round. If something had happened accidentally, he really did not dare to imagine the consequences...

    Facing a Golden Core Peak cultivator, this little girl was really too brash and reckless!

    Luo Yu looked at Feng Xiao and continued: "After entering the city, Mistress brought the few of them along with her and left. However, I don't think that they know that the Old Patriarch is missing. But she had said that she would come home by the evening."

    Feng Xiao nodded his head and thought that she had most probably gone over to the Peach Blossom Ridge.
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