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    At this moment, in the Peach Blossom Ridge, Feng Jiu first arranged for the four Golden Core Cultivators to stay here before she made her way to the courtyard where she had placed the God Soul Wood.

    That courtyard was situated at a secluded area where there was less sunlight and more yin energy. Ever since their family had started to cultivate here, the cold yin energy that accumulated here became very rich and dense.

    Under the canopy of the luxurious trees, all the sunlight had been blocked and a few shadows gradually emerged. When they saw the arrival of Feng Jiu, their faces were filled with joy and they quickly bowed in reverence and greeted her.

    "The Lord."

    The four ghosts had been cultivating here for this period of time and their control over the yin energy had stabilized. Coupled with the fact that Feng Jiu had given them the methodology to cultivate as devilry cultivators, now, even if it wasn't night, they could also appear.

    Feng Jiu's astute gaze fell over the four of them and smiled, "It seems that your cultivation speed isn't too bad, you've already mastered the first step - Spirit Formation."

    "This is all thanks to the Lord, if not for the Lord giving us such a treasured manual for cultivating, we would not be able to attain the Spirit Formation in such a short time." The old man said as his face was brimming with happiness.

    Being able to master Spirit Formation, they could appear like a living person during the day and could appear in front of others in a human form. This, to them was something that they would never have imagined possible in the past.

    "It's a good thing that your cultivation has results." She nodded her head in approval and walked towards the table and sat beside it as she asked them about the things that had happened recently.

    "The Lord, everything here has been the usual, even if there were any cultivators that came by, none could sense our presence. But...." The old man paused for a moment and continued: "That old man who sweeps the floor....isn't simple."

    "Hmm?" She raised her eyebrows and said, "Tell me more."

    "The Lord said that we could move about freely around the Peach Blossom Ridge, so that very night, we went around and we happened to meet that old man. He almost destroyed us, if not for us telling him in time that we had the Lord's permission to stay here to cultivate... He then flicked his sleeves and left after he warned us that we were not to harass or scare the people that came to the Peach Blossom Ridge."

    When she heard this, she revealed a smile. From the first moment she met him, she had already discovered that he wasn't an ordinary person. The aura that he exuded was very clean and even she could not discern his cultivation level. Such a long time had passed and seeing that everything was peaceful and fine, she no longer paid attention to the matter and let him continue to sweep the grounds.

    "Just continue to to cultivate here. Sunny is doing very well back at the manor. My father invited a teacher to teach him how to read and write. He's also personally teaching him some basic cultivation. Wait till your cultivation has advanced and when you are not afraid of the sun. At that time, you can go to the manor to see him."

    Upon hearing this, they looked at each other with delight and looked back at Feng Jiu with gratefulness, and said: "Thank you Lord for gracing Sunny with all the education and training. We will definitely work hard on our cultivation."

    After she nodded her head, she stood up and walked out. Just as she stepped out of the courtyard, she saw the grey robed old man sweeping the floor not far away. Seeing this, she smiled profoundly and walked towards him.

    "Is there a matter?"

    She stopped in front of him and asked, her heart was filled with curiosity. Who was he? Why was he willing to stay here quietly and do such a menial task of sweeping the grounds?

    The old man looked at her and said: "Young Miss just came back and should not have heard the latest news that the Od Patriarch of the Feng Residence has gone missing."

    The moment she heard this, her expression changed and immediately asked: "When did this happen?"
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