383 Returning home

    "It has been a few days." The old man said slowly as he continued sweeping the ground as he gradually swept further and further away.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu immediately rushed to the front and after she left some instructions with the four Golden Core cultivators, she swiftly headed back to the Feng Residence....

    Because she had returned home earlier than expected, she had arrived at the outer wall before it was evening. Seeing that there was no one around, after she checked the surroundings, with the tap of her foot, she leapt up to the wall and landed in the courtyard. Almost immediately, there were a few shouts that rang out simultaneously.

    "Who's there!"

    The guards immediately rushed and surrounded her. Seeing that the intruder was wearing some rags and whose face was covered with ash, they could not identify and had proclaimed the intruder as an enemy. They were just about to draw out their swords when they heard a familiar voice.

    "It's me.' Feng Jiu said as she looked at the guards that surrounded her.

    They were all stunned momentarily and only after they had regained back their senses did they quickly greet her respectfully: "Young Miss." And they all retreated to one side.

    "Mm." She nodded her head and walked towards her father's courtyard.


    When she passed through the Rock Garden, Old White who was sprawled on the ground called out excitedly as he immediately got up and ran towards her cheerfully as his tail swished playfully. He stuck his tongue out and was just about to lick her face.

    "Old White." She patted his head affectionately and smiled, "I have something that I have to do now, I will come and find you later. Be good, go and play on your own first." After finishing her words, she continued on to her father's courtyard.

    Old White did not pester her, however, he slowly followed behind and walked towards Feng Xiao's courtyard.

    The few Feng Guards who were guarding outside the courtyard saw a figure in tattered clothes walking towards them. They froze for a while before calling out cautiously, "Young Miss?"

    She looked at the few of them and asked, "Has Luo Yu returned?"

    "Luo Yu has returned and is currently in the courtyard. Would you like the subordinate to call him over?" Fan Lin asked.

    "There is no need." She swiftly walked towards the courtyard and saw that there were eight people in the courtyard that were in their 40s.

    " Young Miss returned?"

    When the eight of them saw her, they stood up and bowed as they greeted her respectfully: "Greetings Young Miss."


    She nodded her head and walked forward. She did not recognise those eight people, however she still had some impressions of them in her memory. These were her father's Feng Guards and were also the eight Masters of the current Feng Guards.

    "Mistress." Leng Shuang came out and there was a glint of joy that flashed by her cold gaze.

    "How is my father?" She asked as she walked in.

    The Patriarch is recovering well."

    She followed behind as she reported and because there were people guarding the courtyard, the door to the room was not closed because Feng Jiu had instructed before that air circulation was very important to aid his recovery.

    "Mistress, you are back!" Leng Hua smiled brilliantly when he saw her.

    "I'm back." She nodded her head and stepped in.

    "Father, I'm home."

    Leng Shuang and Leng Hua both stepped out to give them some personal space. Leng Shuang said, "Ah Hua, stay here and wait. I have to return to our courtyard for a moment. After I'm done, I'll be back."

    "Alright." He replied and saw her leave as he stood by the courtyard garnered the attention of the eight middle-aged men.

    "You are called Leng Hua right?" One of the middle-aged man spoke up and on his serious face, he tried to smile but looked a bit stiff.

    Leng Hua glanced at them and nodded, "Mm."

    "What is that boxing method that you practise every morning in the courtyard? Who did you learn it from?" His curiosity had been piqued as he had witnessed the past two days that this youth was diligently practising a set of soft and gentle boxing style. He could not help but ask.
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