384 Enough with the Meddling!

    "That's called Tai Chi. I learned it from the Mistress," Leng Hua said with a smile, beaming with pride. Out of all the people in the Feng Residence, he alone had been singled out by the Mistress for training.

    Tai Chi? The eight middle-aged men looked to one another. Though they'd never heard of this style of boxing before, with their cultivation and acute discernment, they could easily see just how precise each strike of his fists could be. Those graceful movements were packed with powerful potential.

    "Heh! Leng Hua, why don't we try out some moves?" said one of them, hoping to scrutinize the power behind that fist.

    Remarkably, Leng Hua shook his head and said, "Nope. The Mistress told me that other than improving my strength, Tai Chi is only meant for my protection, not for showing off."

    Hearing this, several of them scoffed and said, "It's not showing off if we just want to compare notes!" How could this kid be so pig-headed? Isn't he the same one who rollicked the Feng Guards? Is he really going to dig his heels in over this?

    "No, that'll never do. I refuse to fight my own people," Leng Hua said as he shook his head. Standing off at a distance, the topic was clearly not up for discussion.

    To this, several of them shook their heads in amused disbelief. Who knows where the Young Miss could've found a disciple like this! Sure, he may be lacking in strength, but loyalty apparently pays off in spades with the Young Miss.

    "Has Little Jiu returned?" asked Guan Xi Lin as he strode in from outside. Seeing the eight middle-aged men standing about in the courtyard, he nodded his head.

    "Young Master, the Mistress has returned and is inside," said Leng Hua as he pointed to her room.

    Guan Xi Lin strode forward, saying, "I need to talk with her about something." He knocked at the door, paused and entered the room to see two people sitting and talking.

    "Father, Little Jiu!"

    "Xi Lin! Come take a seat," said Feng Xiao as he gestured to the spot beside him.

    "Brother, what news do you have about that piece of jade?" asked Feng Jiu. Her father had already told her about what happened that evening, and to her, they had only taken her grandfather, leaving everyone else in the Feng Residence unharmed, so they probably wouldn't do anything to him. But what had they become dragged into? Why would they come here to snatch her grandfather away?

    Given her grandfather's prowess, this captor must have exceptional strength. She was virtually certain that they were not from Sun Glory Country.

    "I brought it to the Black Market and still haven't heard back," said Guan Xi Lin. "This kind of information takes time to make its way back to us. Don't think too much of it. Once there's a lead, we'll be the first to hear of it."

    As he spoke, he looked over to Feng Jiu and said, "Luo Yu says that the two of you ran into a bit of difficulty, but I'm glad to see that you returned safely. What were you thinking trying to take on the Golden Cultivators? What would become of Father if anything had happened?"

    "Indeed!" said Feng Xiao, "Little Jiu, you ought to think twice from now on. Don't go meddling in affairs like these. After all, you are only as strong as the people you travel with. You need to fight in numbers. If Luo Yu had perished, no one would blame you. You were messing with a far greater power. You were gambling with life and death, and we can't be having any more of that," said Feng Xiao as he fervently admonished her, hoping that she would remember the dire predicament that she had found herself in. Hopefully, she would know better next time.

    "Yes, I understand," she said with a guilty smile. With her face smeared with dirt, she looked just like a mischievous kitten that had been caught playing in the mud, and Feng Xiao couldn't help but smile.

    Shaking his head in consternation, he said, "You sure have gotten yourself all mussed up, young lady! Before we discuss anything else, hurry on back to your quarters and clean yourself up."
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