385 The Modesty of Little Fire!

    "Alright then, I'll see myself out to the courtyard," she said with a smile as she got up. Knowing that her grandfather's life was likely not in danger, her heart could rest at ease. In her eyes, her job was to safeguard the Feng family. She had to figure out who kidnapped her grandfather and why.

    Feng Jiu felt that though this matter had come about quite suddenly, it should not have been without warning. Perhaps, clues could be found in her grandfather's room, and all of this could possibly be unraveled...

    Arriving back in the room, she saw that Leng Shuang had already had someone heat the water for her, so she removed her worn clothes, rinsed off her face, and slipped into the tub. As she soaked, she felt every muscle on her body relax.

    She rarely needed anyone to wait on her when she bathed, so Leng Shuang stood watch outside the door.

    Though her muscles had started to relax, Feng Jiu's mind was still racing. To the Feng Residence, the disappearance of her grandfather only made matters worse. If only he were here, they would be quaking in their boots. Instead, his disappearance gave them a perfect opportunity. Right now, they had all but enough reason to move on the Feng Residence.

    The eight Feng Guards serving her father all had the strength of Martial Cultivators, and with these men, together with her father and the Old Patriarch, it was no wonder that Feng Residence was known across Cloudy Moon City to be as impenetrable as Mount Tai. After all, their strength and prowess would still win accolades even if this were a different country.

    To onlookers, of the masters of the Feng Residence, one had gone missing, and another had been toppled. All that was left to fear were these eight guards.

    After about half an hour, Feng Jiu climbed out of the tub, wrung the water out of her hair, and got dressed. Leng Shuang brought in a bowl of bird's nest porridge, and she told him to not let anyone into the courtyard. With porridge in hand, she entered the Spatial Ring.

    "Little Fire."

    Feng Jiu came up to him. Knowing that he had been in a daze for so long, she was surprised that he wasn't exactly happy to see her and just stared at her. Lifting her eyebrows, Feng Jiu smiled and said, "After all this time, I thought you'd pounce at the sight of me!"

    He was fuming. "You have no sense of modesty," he said as he stared at her with more bashfulness than anger. Seeing his little pink face and two black beady eyes looking at her in this way, she couldn't help but notice how cute he was.

    "How could I have no sense of modesty?" she asked with a smirk.

    "Just look at you, coming in here dressed like that. You... you haven't even drawn your robe together!"

    Little Fire's tongue was tied. His face began to redden, and as he stared at her, his eyes began to wander, glancing down at her revealing attire and her faintly discernible figure. Though he was a sacred beast, he had male instincts, after all. For her to come in here so unabashedly, he felt a bit embarrassed for her.

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu blanched, ever so slightly. She looked down at her clothes and burst out laughing. "You naughty little thing you!" she said, "You're just a beast, and it doesn't matter what you see." She winked at him seductively, deliberately teasing him, and watched as Little Fire's bashful face boiled with indignation. She couldn't shake his heavy heart.


    Flustered, Little Fire crossed his arms in front of him, squeezed his eyes shut, and ignored her.

    "Fine, fine. I'm just messing with you. I just got out of the tub and am still drying off at home. There's nothing wrong with wearing something like this in my own quarters."

    She sat down in front of Little Fire and said, "See what I brought you?" She lifted up the bowl of bird's nest porridge that was in her hands as a grin tickled across her face.

    Little Fire snorted, surprisingly, and with arrogance and disgust, said, "Only your kind would ever delight in dining on bird slobber like that."
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