386 Sneaking a Bite of Ginseng!

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu grimaced.


    Did he have to make it sound so gross? Clearly, this porridge nourishes one's skin and was great for maintaining one's youth, but to Little Fire, it's nothing more than bird slobber.

    "Well, you're a bird, after all, so there's no point in you trying to eat this," she said with a smile as she began to eat it herself.

    To a girl like her, bird's nest porridge is simply divine for your skin, silky smooth on the palate, and filled with protein. Just because he wasn't going to eat it, didn't mean it would go to waste.

    "Little Fire, how are you feeling? Are you recovered yet?" asked Feng Jiu as she ate her porridge.

    Little Fire turned around, glanced at her, and spoke tenderly, saying "I guess so. I'll be back to my old self in a few more days."

    "Mm. That's what I want to hear. Will you still be here tending to yourself in a few days? Or do you want to come out?" She finished off her bowl in a few more bites and set it aside.

    Little Fire blinked and softly said, "Your house is upside down! No way am I going to stick my nose in that mess. I'm going to look after myself in here."

    "Mm, alright then."

    She nodded her head and was happy that he wished to stay in the Spatial Ring to tend to himself, given the strong spiritual aura that permeated throughout this place. Tending to himself, after all, would save everyone a bit of trouble. His face had been scarlet red this whole time, though, and something didn't seem right.

    "Are you feeling okay? Why is your face so red? Stick out your hand for me to take a look." This naughty little fella ought to know when he's feeling sick, right?

    "No, no, I'm fine." He pulled his hands back and shoved them behind him.

    Seeing the look of guilt that washed over his face, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows questioningly and asked, "You're fine? If you're fine then what have you got to be guilty for?"

    "Who says I'm guilty!"

    "Oh, no? Who keeps avoiding eye contact with me? Who seems to be shrinking into a corner? Who's hiding their hands behind their back? Confess! What have you got to hide?"

    She grinned as she looked at him, seeing him as plucky and unruly as a human child. He could be just as guilty and bashful, and you couldn't find a better example of a little rascal trying to act like an adult.

    "Nothing!" He turned away and shut his mouth.

    Seeing his face redden again, Feng Jiu felt a spiritual premonition. Thoughtfully, her eyes swept across the room, and when they landed on a long box, she lurched over to the box and popped it open.

    "How did you manage to eat half of a Millennium Ginseng?"

    She raised her voice a little and turned to Little Fire, who was trying to shrink into his own skin, with a shocked look on her face, shaking her head with a look of unbelief, saying "Don't you know you ought to take it easy when you're feeling down? What's more, for something as potent as Millennium Ginseng, a single slice could save someone's life. You, however, went and ate a whole half of it! You'd be lucky if all you burst is a blood vessel!"

    Knowing he was caught red-handed, Little Fire stole a look over at her and nearly whispered, "I... I was a little hungry when I came to, and it's not like there was anything else in here to eat..."

    Feng Jiu laughed, helplessly, and said, "Fine, that's all I'm going to say, but don't go wasting the medicinal effects of that Millennium Ginseng either. I want you back in fighting form!" She put the other half back where it belonged and continued, saying, "You better not touch this other half. Your little body wouldn't be able to handle it."

    "Mm." Little Fire Phoenix answered, only breathing a sigh of relief as he watched her leave the Spatial Ring, carrying the bowl with her as she left.

    Later that evening, the door to Feng Jiu's room cracked open and Leng Shuang, who was standing guard outside, stepped in.

    "Miss, Little Hua says that the master has prepared a meal in the main building and would like you to go and eat."

    "Mm, let's go!" she nodded in affirmation, and they made their way to the main building...
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