389 A Plan Transpires!

    Smiling to himself, Luo Yu sauntered over to them and smugly said "Heh! Listen, you guys are really going to regret not acknowledging the Young Miss!" He then turned away from them and walked up to his master. "Master, this is a symbol of my filial piety," he said as he took out a small vial from his cosmos sack and presented it to him with both hands.

    Taken aback, his master carefully examined what was in his hands. "That's..." Could this actually be a potion that the Young Miss refined herself? Lost in thought, he unconsciously plucked the vial out of his hands, popped it open, and sniffed at its contents.

    "Heh! It's a potion, concocted to enhance one's strength," explained Luo Yu, saying "Your cultivation base has plateaued for years, but with this potion, you'll reach a breakthrough in only a week or two!"

    Hearing this, the seven middle-aged men stared greedily as Luo Yu's master held the potion in his hand, laughing with joy. In a fit of jealous rage, they laid on their disciples with flying kicks.

    "You little snots! We ought to have never let you off so easy for not acknowledging her!"

    Having all been kicked soundly in their rears, the disciples winced at the pain and confusion as they jumped out of the way.

    Could the Young Miss have actually given that potion to Luo Yu? Where would she come up with something like that? Suddenly, a faint impression arose in their heads, but they all stifled it at once, as unbelievable as what that would mean.

    Luo Yu's master looked at the potion with delight, but instead of putting it away, he asked, "If you give me this potion, what does that leave you with?" If there was just this one vial, there was no way he'd keep it for himself. The Young Miss had given it to Luo Yu, after all.

    "Heh!" laughed Luo Yu, "when the Mistress gave me a vial, I asked her for another for my master."

    Laughing with glee, he said, "Master, Martial Uncles, I'm off!" In a flash, Luo Yu was gone before they could say anything, much less press him for answers.

    "Master, Martial Uncles, we're leaving too!" the seven exclaimed in unison as they rushed out the door to chase after Luo Yu to figure out what else he knew.

    "What a bunch of louts! Aigh!"

    They shook their heads and several of them let out a deep sigh. Glancing longingly at the potion in Luo Yu's master's hand, one of them exclaimed with envy, "That youngster Luo Yu sure is considerate!"

    "You bet!" said Luo Yu's master as he laughed with pride, "Would you expect anything less from one of my disciples?" With a big smile, he said to several of them, "With you guys standing guard here, I'm going to go in and say a word to the Master and then see what this here potion can do."

    "Sure, go on then! Don't worry, we've got this covered!" said one of the seven. The others nodded and smiled.

    "Alright," said Luo Yu's master as he entered the room. After reporting to Feng Xiao, he returned to their quarters for some serious cultivation practice...

    As for Feng Jiu, after returning to the courtyard and giving some instructions to Leng Shuang, she returned to her room for cultivation practice. She continued up until the early morning hours of the next day, after which she climbed onto Old White and rode off.

    Because Luo Yu was engrossed in closed-door meditation, the only ones left to account for were Fan Lin and the other six. After they caught up with Luo Yu that evening and after he told them that the Mistress was the Ghost Doctor, they all rushed to their masters for vindication.

    When Luo Yu's unbelievable news checked out, they were stunned. Not a single one of them could sleep a wink that night.

    Getting up early that next morning to stand guard, who else did they see but Feng Jiu riding off with Old White! "Where do you think the Mistress is off to this morning?" one of them asked, and though they had yet to claim their fealty, now that they knew she was the Ghost Doctor, they were all dying to kneel down before her. Though they were as keen as mustard, the Mistress, alas, had more important things to attend to.
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