391 Tempting Death!

    At the remote outskirts of the city, Feng Jiu slowed Old White and unmounted. Unhurriedly, she carried Little Ball over to a creek up ahead, and Old White laid down on the grass. Rinsing her face off beside the water, she noticed the gentle and refreshing breeze and sat down on the grass. From her sleeve, she pulled out a piece of fruit and began to ate it, looking up to the sky, observing the ripple of the creek. It seemed as if she was waiting for something.

    In about half the time it takes to burn a stick of incense, two shadowy figures suddenly approached. After their treacherous gaze fell upon the figure in red, they noticed Old White laying in the grass.

    To them, anything that they could not possess would be as good as dead!

    Sure, this was only a low-ranking sacred beast, but if they couldn't have it, no one can! What's more, this Old White had kicked them, spoiling their plans. Oh, how they had wished to kill him!

    "Tssh!" snorted Old White, who was kneeling in the grass, as he lifted his head and looked about.

    Feng Jiu, who was eating her piece of fruit, tussled Little Ball's fur, and it seemed as if she didn't even hear what was going on behind her. And yet, a calculating look glimmered in her eyes.

    The old man hiding in the shadows withdrew a sleeve arrow and planned to kill Old White. As for Feng Jiu, the Ruler would wed her off to Green Gallop Country, so they couldn't so much as harm a hair on her head. This horse, though, was dead meat!

    Suddenly, a fearsome gust of wind blew forth, jolting the two men. Spinning around, they were shocked at what they saw.

    "Who are you all!?"

    In an instant, they were surrounded by two elders and two middle-aged men. Their formidable opponents caused their hearts to skip a beat and a cold sweat broke out upon their foreheads. Ever so faintly, a sense of dread arose.

    "Your executioners, naturally."

    Finishing off her apple, the red-dressed Feng Jiu walked over and casually glanced at the two pale-faced men. With an impish grin, she said, "You guys had me wander about for three whole days before you caught the scent! That was no easy trick!"

    Hearing this, the color drained from their faces. With hindsight, they exclaimed, "You saw us coming!"

    In an instant, it all made sense to them, "Feng Xiao never lost his consciousness!?" Of course! Only Feng Xiao would've been able to relay things so clearly. That's why they were on guard! That's how the Young Lady Feng could lay such a devious ruse for them!

    But who were these four? Their awesome strength was alarming. That wind was not an elemental gust of any ordinary martial sect. It... it was spiritual qi! This strength, somehow, far surpassed any ordinary foundation establishment!

    How could a mistress like her, tucked deep away in her chambers, find fighters like these? With that kind of strength, why would they ever heed her commands?

    As these questions flooded through their minds, no conclusions arose. The only answer could be that they fell for her trap. Today, alas, would be their doom!

    As this thought, a fear rattled out of their hearts, and they turned to run. At the instant that they moved, however, the four figures swept upon them.

    "Run? Ha! Let's just see you try! If you can escape us, we'll chalk it up to some serious skill!"

    One of the men sneered and his figure disappeared. In a few breaths, he caught up to one of them, reached out from behind, and surrounded the old man with a spiritual power, visible to the naked eye. Suddenly, the old man was stuck, frozen in place.
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