612 Princess, please give them more instructions

    The country rulers sized her up with their gaze. The smile on their faces deepened. Their tone also eased down a bit, unlike the cold and imposing tone they used to admonish their sons.

    "Haha, I have long heard that the Princess has an outstanding and elegant bearing. Today, I saw that the rumour was less than one-tenth of the reality!"

    "That's right. Reaching the Martial Ancestor rank at the age of sixteen, such talent is truly rare."

    "Compared with the Princess, our Imperial Sons really don't look like much."

    The country rulers spoke with a smile. The moment they saw Feng Jiu, they had already decided to establish a good relationship with the Phoenix Empire by all possible means. With a daughter with such outstanding talent plus Feng Xiao himself as well as Feng Old Patriarch and the third-grade strong country's Lin clan, who could afford to have bad relations with them?

    When their emperor father divulged that Feng Jiu was a Martial Ancestor cultivator, the eight Princes, who had been standing with their heads bowed and dared not let Feng Jiu see them, suddenly raised their heads. With a stunned glare, they looked at the elegant and beautiful woman. Their hearts were filled with incessant anger.

    She's a Martial Ancestor! How could she be a Martial Ancestor?

    Was it proper for a Martial Ancestor to toy with them who were only at the Martial Master rank? How shameless!

    They furious stared at the woman who was having a cheerful talk with their Imperial Fathers. Her manners were now full of grace. Where was that innocent and simple expression to lure them into the pit?

    Outwardly she looked like a harmless little white rabbit, but actually a cunning white fox!

    Just as they stared at her indignantly, they could discern that their Imperial Fathers' tone of voice were tinged with laughter. They were so surprised that they quickly erased the furious expression on their face and sat in a well-behaved manner. They listened in with their eyes lowered.

    "Imperial sons, coming to the Phoenix Empire is a very rare occasion. The Princess is so outstanding, you must seize this opportunity. Princess, please give them more instructions."

    Hearing this, the eight Princes who sat with their eyes drooped gritted their teeth secretly and indignantly. They already received the pointers much earlier. Weren't the bruises on their faces a gift from her?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    However, they didn't dare to not listen. They were forced to answer, "Yes, we remember Imperial Fathers' advice. We will seek the Princess' instructions."

    Feng Jiu smiled. "I don't dare to give instructions. If these several Princes would not reject, this Princess will be very happy to compare notes and have an exchange with them."

    Speaking of exchanges, her eyes fell on those people with a smile that only several of them could understand.

    "Hahaha, good, good! We feel at ease by Princess' words." The country rulers laughed loudly. In their eyes, comparing notes with Feng Jiu could only do good and no harm. First, one could get her advice and second, the relationship would get closer.

    When those eight Princes listened to her words, they touched their faces involuntarily. The injuries on their face felt painful again.

    After a while, the crowd dispersed. Only the pair of father and daughter left in the hall. Feng Xiao smiled. "How did those people offend you? It's hard for others not to notice them when you've got their faces all battered!"

    Feng Jiu smiled. She came to his side, took his arm and sat down. "When I entered the palace, they stopped me and asked me to accompany them drinking and enjoying flowers. I said that drinking and enjoying flowers was not interesting, so I took them to play some interesting games."

    "Then how come they didn't dare to even complain? What did you do?" A father knew his daughter best. As soon as she spoke, Feng Xiao knew that the matter could never be so simple.
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