614 Becoming a member of the Feng Family

    In the midst of all the tension, there was the announcement that the sedan chair had arrived. Lin Boheng came to the side of Suxi and said gently: "Suxi, Sanyuan is here to fetch you, Big Brother will send you up to the sedan chair."

    "Thank you Big Brother." Under the veil, Suxi blushed and said softly.

    Lin Boheng leaned down, carried her up and personally sent her up on to the sedan chair...

    After completing a series of formalities that were customary, the entourage who were here to fetch the bride carried the bride jubilantly and headed to the palace. The Lin family also followed alongside and went towards the palace.

    The people in the city followed all the way until they came to the palace gates and watched the Grand Emperor dismount his horse. He kicked open the sedan door and led the bride into the palace until the back figures of the happy couple disappeared from their sights did everyone else leave reluctantly.

    Because the entourage walked one round around the city and it took quite some time but they had already calculated the auspicious hour so when they arrived at where the Lin's family stayed to pick up the bride and by the time they returned to the palace, it was already past noon. After the couple entered the palace and worshipped the ancestors of the Feng family, the wedding banquet outside had already begun.

    Perhaps it was because Feng Jiu or because of the various country rulers who were very well behaved, nothing worrying cropped up during the wedding and Feng Xiao was relieved.

    For the wedding banquet, Feng Xiao was responsible for hosting the country rulers and their sons, while Old Patriarch Geng and Guan Xilin were responsible for greeting the various family clans. Feng Jiu hosted the Lin family and met with the younger generation of the Lin family.

    Old Patriarch Feng came out to entertain the guests, and toasted at each table. Today, his face was full of smiles and the smile was one that was genuinely from the bottom of his heart. Seeing this, everyone felt happy for him.

    After all, he was the Grand Emperor and no one dared to make any trouble on his wedding night. Therefore, after a round of wine, Old Patriarch Feng left first, and everyone stayed until late at night before they dispersed.

    This night, after Feng Xiao and Feng Jiu sent everyone away, the father and the daughter looked at each other and smiled.

    Feng Jiu looked at her grandfather's palace and smiled mischievously: "Father, everyone has left. What do you say? Shall we father and daughter go over and...?"

    As soon as he heard this, Feng Xiao's face turned solemn and lost his smile: "Go back to rest, go and have some rest. Don't mess around, lest you scare them."

    After that, he yawned loudly and said: "We were busy all day, I will go back to rest first. As for you, you better head back quickly!" After he said his piece, he did not wait for her to say anything and walked away, and his pace was slightly faster, it was as if he was afraid that she would say something that would make him unable to answer her.

    Looking at his escaping figure, she looked around and touched her chin. She said to herself: "Will I scare them? Sigh, forget it! After all, tonight is Grandfather's big night. It's better that I still don't mess things up."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    She chuckled, and turned to head back to the palace...

    The next morning, Feng Xiao and Feng Jiu came to the main hall to serve tea to the Old Patriarch Feng and Suxi.

    This cup of tea meant that Suxi had been recognized as their family and it was a cup of tea to respect their elders.

    "Father, Mother, please drink tea." Feng Xiao respectfully served tea to the two of them, although in his heart he still felt a bit awkward when calling out 'mother'. After all, the person whom he addressed as 'mother' looked to be about the same age as his daughter. Being uncomfortable could be well imagined.

    However, he did not reject her. Calling her mother was also a form of respect for her.
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