396 The Ghost Doctors Woman?

    "No need. I trust that she already knows what we've found out. There's no point in seeing her or in inquiring about this matter. Ultimately, after all, she belongs to me, so why act with such haste?" Nie Teng said with self-assuredness, as if he had an unwavering conviction that Feng Jiu would be his, no matter the odds.

    Sure enough, as he had said, word quickly spread across Cloudy Moon City of the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country's arrival to Sun Glory Country. To everyone and anyone, it was clear that his visit concerned the Young Miss Feng Qing Ge, word of which had spread long ago. Clearly, this was a surprise to no one.

    However, they never expected that he would attach so much significance to Feng Qing Ge since she would end up being nothing more than one of his many attendant consorts. Why then would he travel such a great distance on her behalf? Evidently, she meant a great deal to him.

    This development only seemed to add to the suspense and curiosity that people attached to the Feng Clan following Feng Xiao's coma and the Old Patriarch's disappearance.

    Even an attendant consort is still a concubine, and the difference in title is only there because she would be a consort to the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country. The Feng Clan had no intention of letting Feng Qing Ge become a Side Concubine, but, on the other hand, she was the only one left in the family. Given that the Prince of Green Gallop Country had come in person just to see her, what would Feng Jiu do?

    No matter what choice she made, drama would unfold. The people of Cloudy Moon City, though, were merely spectators.

    Leaping from his seat with a look of distress and a furious glare in his eyes, Murong Yi Xuan shouted "What did you say?! The Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country is here?"

    "Yes, sir," said the guard who had brought him the news, "word of his arrival has spread across Cloudy Moon City. The Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country came in an airship, and it's still parked outside the palace gates. The Ruler personally invited him into the palace, and they say he's holding a feast tonight. They say the Ruler intends to summon the Young Miss Feng to be his companion for the evening."

    Hearing this, Murong Yi Xuan clenched his fists in anger, as a pang of fury and alarm surged forth from his heart that he could not conceal.

    He's summoning Qing Ge as a companion? For the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country?! What's become of my father!? Is Qing Ge nothing more than a piece of meat?!

    "Prepare the sedan-chair! I'm going to the palace!" Murong Yi Xuan shouted, and with the flourishing of his sleeves, he rushed out the door.

    Meanwhile, at the black market, Guan Xi Lin was stunned when he heard of the news. Looking to the black market's Boss Yan, he asked, "What? You mean the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country is here?"

    Boss Yan nodded and said, "Quite so. His airship's still parked outside the palace gates! I hear he's here to collect the Young Miss Feng!" As he spoke, he lowered his voice slightly and asked with some curiosity, "The Young Miss Feng's probably never been to the Green Gallop Country, right? How did she end up enchanting the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country into taking her to be a Side Concubine?"

    "Side Concubine?!" roared Guan Xi Lin, "Hahaha!" Still laughing, he sneered, "Even if she were to be his Queen Consort, much less his Side Concubine, my little sister would never stoop so low as to be with him!

    Sure, he's the Prince of Green Gallop Country, but he's still not worthy enough for my sister! And he wants her to be his attendant consort? You've got to be kidding me!"

    Hearing this, Boss Yan was surprised and couldn't understand Guan Xi Lin's tenacity. To him, the Young Miss Feng was nothing more than a beautiful maiden, but her cultivation base wasn't even worth mentioning. Why then did Guan Xi Lin act as if the Young Miss Feng was so extraordinarily unattainable that not even the crown prince of a sixth-grade country would be worthy of her attention? Why not?

    Suddenly, that dashing red figure popped into his head. Boss Yan's eyes narrowed, and then he suddenly cried out, "Are you saying that the Young Miss Feng is the Ghost Doctor's woman?!"
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