397 Wear Something Nice!

    "The Ghost Doctor's woman?" said the stunned Guan Xi Lin, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. "What gives you that idea?" he asked.

    "Am I wrong?" asked Boss Yan, "If the Feng Clan had nothing to do with the Ghost Doctor, then why would the Ghost Doctor have people take such good care of them? Why would he always send them potions? With those good looks and her exceptional temperament, I could see how she could charm even the Ghost Doctor. Men are suckers for beauty, are we not?"

    At this point, Boss Yan chuckled to himself. As a man, the first thing you see in a woman is her beauty. Once that's got your attention, you start to notice other things. While, admittedly, he couldn't speak for every man on the planet, he could state for a fact that a lot of men were that way.

    Hearing this, Guan Xi Lin grinned and shook his head, saying "Alright, enough with the wild guesses! I need to go see my sister. If the Prince of Green Gallop Country is here, I need to make sure she has a plan of action."

    Seeing Guan Xi Lin head for the door, Boss Yan blurted out, "So, does that mean the Young Miss Feng won't be taking the Crown Prince up on his offer to be his Side Concubine?"

    "Ha!" scoffed Guan Xi Lin, and without turning back he said,"He's nothing more than a toad lusting after a swan's flesh."Striding boldly out from the black market, he headed off for the Feng Residence...

    Meanwhile, at the Feng Residence...

    "Young Miss," said one of the guards, "the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country has arrived. It seems like he meant what he said about you being his Side Concubine. If he's already showed up at the Imperial Palace and wants to come here, what do you intend to do?"

    With the exception of Luo Yu and his master who were off in closed-door meditation, the other seven went to find Feng Jiu as soon as they heard the news to see how she would settle things.

    From what they heard, the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country had brought eight supremely powerful immortal cultivators in his entourage, and if they intended to take her by force...

    Feng Jiu was busy grinding a medicinal powder at a table in the courtyard when they came in. Hearing them arrive, she glanced up to see who it was and hear what they had to say, but without so much as lifting her head, she casually said, "Murong Bo isn't my father, so it's not like he would have so much as a say in who I marry. Also, if I refuse, would they dare to try and take me by force?"

    "But..." one of them mumbled as Leng Hua, dressed in all black came in.

    "Mistress," he said.

    "Yes, what is it?"Feng Jiu asked as she began to put away the finished medicinal powders.

    "Nie Teng, Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country," Leng Hua began, "the steadfast and favorite son of the Ruler of Green Gallop Country, age, 24, cultivation base, late-stage, estimated by the leader of the Academy of the Six Stars to be a consummate Golden Core Cultivator within the next several decades, confident and self-assured with a fierce and fiery fighting style, rumored to have once pursued a nine-order beast at the age of twelve for over a month to ultimately slay it in his father's honor..." pausing, Leng Hua then said, "Boss Yan has a message for you, Mistress."

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and smiled, asking, "What is it?"

    "Do not fight Nie Teng, Young Miss Feng," he said, "He is a man who will never give up."

    Staring blankly for a moment, Feng Jiu laughed and said, "This Boss Yan is quite a character! Why would he say something like that?"

    The seven middle-aged men standing off to the side grimaced, wishing to blurt out: That's the only part of the message you heard?

    "Young Miss!" called the gatekeeper from outside the courtyard.

    With a pleased smile, Feng Jiu called back, "Come in!"

    Entering the courtyard to see that others were also there, the gatekeeper stepped forward to greet them and said, "Young Miss, a dispatch from the palace sent word that you will be attending a feast at the palace for the Green Gallop Crown Prince. They also gave instructions that you must arrive in splendid attire."
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