617 The journey to the Green Gallop Country is fast approaching

    The old man looked up and glanced at her. Then he got up and went back to the kitchen. Not long afterwards, he came out with a bowl of porridge and put it opposite him. At the same time, he cleared the small spot in front of him away and continued to eat with his head lowered.

    Feng Jiu was surprised. She went toward the table and sat down. The bowl of porridge in front of her seemed to be a plain rice congee with a green lotus seed in the middle. The porridge emitted lotus fragrance. "For me?"

    The old man didn't respond and Feng Jiu didn't wait for his reply. She ate two mouthfuls of porridge with a spoon. She scooped up the green lotus seed and examined it. "Is this lotus seed still unripe? Why does it have such a strong lotus scent?"

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    While speaking, she put the green lotus seed in her mouth and chewed it. With a frown, she said, "It's unripe and it's hard to crack it open."

    She chewed the seed a few times in her mouth but it still wasn't cracked open. The lotus seed carried a really fragrant scent. When he saw her brows relaxed, he told with a smile, "It's truly fragrant. If you can't chew it, you can swallow it directly! Don't waste it."

    The old man looked up and saw that she swallowed the lotus seed whole. His eyes shifted slightly, then he continued to eat the porridge in front of him without speaking.

    Feng Jiu scooped the porridge out and asked, "Why do you put only one lotus seed?" Although the lotus seed was difficult to chew, putting only one lotus seed in this porridge was too little, right? She wanted to eat a few more!

    The old man stopped scooping up porridge. He spoke without lifting his head. "One is enough."

    As he spoke, he finished his porridge, gathered up the utensils in front of him, and headed to the kitchen. He soon came out and left without saying a word.

    Feng Jiu, resting her chin in her hand, looked at the old man's distant figure and blinked. She murmured softly, "Are there lotus seeds in the mid of the third month? However, that lotus seed was really fragrant. I have no idea, what kind of lotus seed was it?"

    She took a few more mouthfuls of porridge, and the lotus seed fragrance spread out in her mouth, leaving a rich aftertaste.

    After filling her stomach, she went back to the courtyard to cultivate. The matter of the fragrant lotus seed that she swallowed whole previously was quickly forgotten. It was because the enrollment date of the Nebula Academy is fast approaching.

    After handing over matters regarding cultivation at the Peach Blossom Ridge to the several devilry cultivators, she also notified the old man sweeping the floor that she would leave for the Six Star Nebula Academy in Green Gallop Country to study. She would not be back for a short stretch of time so that they should take good care of the place. Then, she returned to the palace.

    After done taking care of matters, she spoke with her family in the hall and listened to their advice and warnings.

    "Little Jiu, are you going out this time without bringing anyone? How can you go to Six Stars Academy by yourself? How about bringing Leng Shuang back from the Feng Guard camp to go with you? "

    "No need. She stays in the Feng Guard camp to cultivate. It's alright to go to the academy alone. Everything is already arranged there." She smiled, waved a hand and said, "Send me a message if anything happens."

    "Xilin wrote that he would follow the mercenary out and go directly to the Nebula Academy. He won't return home. Then, do you have to go alone?" The old man looked at her somewhat uneasily.

    Despite her outstanding strength, the Nebula Academy is full of elite students from all over the world. Every student possessed amazing talent. Could she go alone without anyone taking care of her?

    Feng Jiu smiled. She got up and went to the entrance of the hall. She looked up at the distant sky and said softly, "Why not? It's just my first step."
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