399 All for Naught!

    Hearing this, Murong Yi Xuan raised his head to look over at his father, and in a gravelly tone, said, "No one can compare to her!" As his voice rang out, he spun around and stormed out of the room.

    Frowning, Murong Bo watched as his son left. Worried that he would go to the Green Gallop Crown Prince, he fretted and followed after.

    Relations within the royal family were as thin as paper, but he thought highly of this specific son. Among Murong Bo's many offspring, Murong Yi Xuan alone stood out for his great talent, and Murong Bo hoped that he would go on to do great things. Nonetheless, Murong Bo did not wish to be dragged down by his children's hopes and desires.

    This Feng girl would be the Green Gallop Crown Prince's woman whether she liked it or not! Moreover, only in this way could Yi Xuan be put back on the proper path, focusing his efforts on cultivation and refinement!

    Just as Murong Bo had feared, Murong Yi Xuan headed straight for the palace chambers of the Green Gallop Prince, though the powerful cultivators stood guard outside, so entry would not come easy.

    "I trouble you to transmit a message: 'Murong Yi Xuan wishes to enter.'" said Murong Yi Xuan with a heavy heart as he looked at the cultivator cloaked in gray from whom a powerful energy seemed to emanate.

    Such are the trappings of a powerful country, it would seem. Cultivation of this guard's level would handsomely endow a clan leader in their humble Sun Glory.

    With a condescending glance, the gray-cloaked middle-aged man, coldly replied, "The Crown Prince is resting. No one enters."

    Hearing this, Murong Yi Xuan's face darkened and just as he began to walk forward, he felt a hand press firmly down on his shoulder. Turning slightly, he saw that his father was pulling him back. Smiling deferentially, Murong Bo said to the middle-aged man, "Heh! My boy has long admired the Crown Prince, and he rushed over to meet him the second he heard that the Crown Prince was here, not realizing that he almost disturbed the Crown Prince's rest."

    Then, turning around to see the furious look on Murong Yi Xuan's face, he shouted at him, yelling: "What are you still doing here?!"

    "I need to have a word with the Crown Prince, and I urge you to inform him of this," Murong Yi Xuan said quite frankly, ignoring his father outright, as he looked over to the middle-aged man.

    Hearing this and seeing the contorted look on Murong Bo's face, the gray-cloaked middle-aged man's sights fell on Murong Yi Xuan, he bluntly said, "He will be present at the feast this evening. You can bring your words to him then. As for now, leave at once!"

    "Guards! Expel the Third Prince from the palace grounds!" shouted Murong Bo. At once, several guards rushed over. Unwilling to forcibly remove him, however, they respectfully said, "Third Prince, this way!"

    Seeing this, Murong Yi Xuan's face darkened. Staring into the palace chambers, he said in a low voice, "Since I cannot personally relay this to the Green Gallop Crown Prince, I convey this message to you instead: Feng Qing Ge, the Young Miss of the Feng Residence, has not agreed to this marriage. All your efforts are for naught!" Saying this, he flourished his sleeves and strode off in anger, ignoring his father's tortured expression.

    Murong Bo felt as if a raging fire tore through his senses. He was so close to clinching a deal with Green Gallop Country only to be hamstrung by his own son! He would pay for this!

    "Heh-heh! Don't listen to him and his nonsense! Tell the Crown Prince, His Majesty, that the marriage will be as planned. Nothing's amiss!" he said sheepishly and dashed off.

    After the two had left, the gray-cloaked middle-aged man entered to report what had just happened to Nie Teng and then re-emerged.

    Hearing this report, a black-cloaked middle-aged man standing off to the side looked over to his brooding master and said, hesitatingly, "This trifling Feng girl would be a fool to have our Green Gallop Country as an adversary. What's more, she should know that your interest in her is a blessing. Whether she likes it or not, she will be your woman."
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