403 You Think I’m Worried?

    Listening, Grey Wolf quickly put out the fire as he said, "Mm, Master's right. We shouldn't waste too much time on the road or the Green Gallop Crown Prince might leave with the Ghost Doctor before we get there. I hear that not only is this Green Gallop Crown Prince good looking, but he's also a skilled fighter..." Pausing suddenly, Grey Wolf seemed to swallow his words when he saw Shadow One glaring at him.

    Sure, he had a point, but this wasn't something their master wished to hear. Sighing, he began to ponder. Shadow One, that sly fox, only says what our master wants to hear, and only someone as honest as himself would dare to speak the truth. Since time immemorial, honest words always tend to jar on the ears.

    Listening to Grey Wolf as he spoke, their master's ears pricked at the words "good looking," and he turned to glare at Grey Wolf and scoffed: "Good looking? Perhaps you think my looks are worse than others?"

    "Heh! That's not what I meant!" Grey Wolf said with an awkward laugh and quickly began to dig himself out of this hole, saying "Master! Your stalwart and illustrious eminence is unrivaled! You are the most awe-inspiring and imperious of men! You are god-like! In all these lands, your humble servant has never seen someone so great as you, Master! Master! Your eyes radiate like the sun! Even if the Green Gallop Prince is remarkable to the eyes of a commoner, compared to Master, he's nothing more than a speck of dust! Next to you, sir, he's utterly commonplace. How could the Ghost Doctor ever have eyes for the likes of him? Master! There's no need to worry."

    "You think I'm worried?" he said in a cool tone as he raised his eyebrow.

    Hearing this, Grey Wolf wiped the sweat from his brow and looked to Shadow One for help. Why won't he talk! After all the good things he had to say about him, that's all his master could say?

    And more the point, his master was clearly worried! Why else would he rush over to Sun Glory like this the second he heard their report about the prince of Green Gallop's intentions?

    What else could he say? If he wasn't careful, his master may wish to have his head!

    Looking over to Grey Wolf, Shadow One stepped forward and suggested, "Master, we still have quite a ways to go before we reach Sun Glory Country. Why don't we resume our travels? Perhaps we can arrive at the Feng Residence a bit earlier and see what the Ghost Doctor has planned."

    Thinking of that woman who was left all on her lonesome, a flash of light flickered in the Hell's Lord's eyes and a pang rang out from his heart. There was no point in quibbling with Grey Wolf. Summoning their airship, the three of them made their way for Sun Glory...

    At this very instant, there was a commotion in the Feng Residence.

    "Assassin!" Someone yelled out from within the Feng Residence, followed by the sound of a number of people scrambling to seize the infiltrator and the muffled sound of fighting. Suddenly, all was quiet again, only to be interrupted by groaning and the thump of punches landing.

    When Guan Xi Lin, who was drinking with Feng Jiu in the pavilion, heard the commotion, his eyes lit up with admiration as he looked to Feng Jiu, and said: "Little Jiu, you were right, after all! Someone really did come this evening. Your potion must have worked too! He was out after only a few punches!"

    "Well, they were waiting there to give whoever came knocking a good beating. Where's the fun in letting him off easy? We can always question him after we knock him around a bit."

    Sloshing about the wine in her cup, Feng Jiu's beautiful face had reddened slightly from the alcohol, revealing a shade of sleepy seduction. The mischievous grin that hung about her lips tinged her mood with an evil charm, an irresistible allure.

    "But..." Guan Xi Lin began before hesitating slightly, "Is that really the right thing to do? Listening to that commotion, it sounds like they were pretty rough-handed!"
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