404 Nie Teng Gets a Beating!

    "It's fine. They know their limits, and they won't kill the man," she said with a breezy smile. After finishing two cups of wine, Feng Jiu headed back to the front courtyard with Guan Xi Lin.

    As they arrived, they saw a figure with a sack on his head being hauled over by the guards. Seeing Feng Jiu, the Feng Guards and others bowed at once, and one of them said, "Mistress, we caught an assassin who had scaled the wall."

    "Oh? So, we've had an assassin come to pay us a visit, have we?" She said with a slight grin, gesturing for them to remove the sack from off of his head.

    Qi Kang removed the sack to reveal a badly battered man. The men who had been holding him up released him, and he slumped to the ground. Staring at Feng Jiu through his swollen eyes, he kept his mouth shut.

    Because the front courtyard was well-lit, even though the face of the man on the ground was badly swollen, his features were still faintly visible, and he wore luxurious robes.

    When Feng Jiu's gaze fell upon the man on the ground, she couldn't help but be surprised. "It's you?" she said and then began to laugh. "Heh-heh! I would have never imagined! This is the second time you've ended up taking my medicine on two occasions now. How does it taste?" She said as her grin widened into a smile. She never expected that he would be the one to show up tonight, someone who had suffered at her hands once before. Twice, now. She tried her best to stifle her laughter.

    On her way over, she thought that this assassin must surely be a real character. And sure enough, it was Crown Prince Nie Teng of Green Gallop Country. No wonder he had such a composure! But, honestly, it was awful arrogant of him to dare to sneak into the Feng Residence alone. For that, he deserved to be beaten up, just a little.

    Nie Teng sat on the ground, completely spent. Even now, he lay there on his back, motionless, staring with his two dark eyes at the beautiful woman before him with a smile like spring in bloom. Suddenly, he forgot the pain of the beating he received. Seeing Feng Jiu smile with such pleasure, well, he hadn't seen it last time.

    The only thought in his head was that her smile... was simply too stunning!

    Seconds ago, he was boiling with rage, but that had all disappeared when he saw her smile. It seems like the closer he gets to her, the more that the woman of his dreams seems to materialize!

    "It is I, Nie Teng, Crown Prince of Green Gallop," he said with composure as his eyes remained fixed upon her. He saw the surprise in her face and a look of incredulity in her eyes. He grinned and just as he was about to speak, she interrupted him so that his words were stuck in his throat.

    "You've got some real nerve impersonating Crown Prince Nie Teng of Green Gallop Country! They might not recognize you, but I sure do! You're none other than the goat that followed me back to the lands of Sun Glory, am I right? I would have never expected that you could be so bold as to scale that wall and try to get into my house!"

    The look on her face shifted from surprise to incredulity, and then to anger. Angrily pointing at him, suddenly, she smiled.

    There was something chillingly unusual about her smile.

    "Do you know what the best way to deal with lechers like you is?" said Feng Jiu as she knelt down and smiled. Lowering her eyes slowly, she smiled wickedly when her gaze fell upon the space between his legs.

    "Cripple the root cause."

    As her airy voice drifted into his ears, Nie Teng grimaced. Even though he knew she would never be so drastic, hearing her say this and thinking of her headstrong personality, it felt as if a cold gust of wind blew between his legs, causing his entire body to shrivel and contract.
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