405 Drag Him Off for Dismemberment!

    "Heh..." chuckled Feng Jiu softly, looking at the pitiful Prince Nie Teng, she said, happily, "Although, I'm pretty hands-off nowadays, so you may still have the chance to escape intact."

    Standing up again, she brushed off her robe and said to Qi Kang and the others, "Take this lecherous impostor to the palace for the Ruler to deal with himself!"

    "Yes, Mistress!" they responded. Pulling him back up, they placed the sack back on his head and hauled him away to be sent to the palace.

    After he saw them leave, Guan Xi Lin, who was standing off to the side, finally said, "Little Jiu, he's none other than Crown Prince Nie Teng of Green Gallop, right? You've met him before?"

    How else would this prince of Green Gallop Country know about Feng Jiu? If they'd met before in her travels, then no wonder he came knocking.

    "We had a chance encounter on my way back from my most recent travels."

    Smiling helplessly, she said, "At the time, I only knew that he was a complicated man, and I never took him for the Crown Prince of Green Gallop. If he had intended to kill me that time, I probably would have quietly finished him off long ago."

    She had a strange look on her face. True, she had never expected that the man she met on the road was this Crown Prince of Green Gallop, but now she wasn't sure if he had something wrong in the head... She beat him that time, and he still had the guts to inquire about her and try to make her his attendant consort! Was he really unafraid of her castrating him one of these days?

    "Since we beat him, who knows what he'll do to the Feng Residence after your potion wears off," said the somewhat worried Guan Xi Lin as he raised his eyebrows. He was sure that whoever showed up would be one of the prince's lackeys. To his surprise, it was the prince himself! Would they really be let off so easily after having beaten and bruised the prince of Green Gallop?

    Laughing softly, Feng Jiu saw the concern on his face and gently patted his shoulder, saying, "Relax, brother. Come what may, we'll fight first and ask questions later. We'll be alright. Now, you ought to be getting some rest! Nothing else will happen here tonight," she said as she gestured for him to head back to his quarters.

    "Mm, call for me if anything happens," he said as he nodded and left. Thinking things over, he decided to come back and check on things tomorrow instead of going to the black market.

    Meanwhile, in the palace, most of the guests had left after Nie Teng's departure, and even the Murong Bo was heading back to his chambers to rest when a guard came running in.

    "Ruler! Several men from Feng Residence have brought a man here saying that he tried to sneak into the Feng Residence this evening impersonating the Crown Prince Green Gallop. They sent him here for the Ruler to deal with."

    Hearing this, Murong Bo, who was already in a bad mood, barked back, "Drag him off for dismemberment!" With these words, he swept his sleeves and made his way to the palace chambers. After several steps, he suddenly stopped and looked back.

    "You say this man tried to sneak into the Feng Residence this evening? Impersonating the Crown Prince of Green Gallop?"

    "Y-yes, sir," said the guard who was about to make his exit only to be startled by Murong Bo's sudden questioning, and he spoke with a slight tremble.

    "Wait! Where is he? Show me the way!" he yelled, gesturing for the guard to lead him.

    The guard had no choice but to obey and brought him outside.

    Arriving outside, however, they saw the man who had been sacked and pressed to the ground by the other guards just moments ago now standing, brushing the dirt off of his clothes. Lying around him were the unconscious guards.

    "Some nerve! You..." the guard yelled out as he unsheathed his sword and prepared to fight only to be stopped by the scream of the Ruler who stood behind him.

    "At ease! T-that's the Green Gallop Crown Prince!"
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