407 The Geng Family Steps Forth!

    The old patriarch and the Old Patriarch Feng are said to be friends of many years, but their juniors had never seen the two of them together in one place before. Because the old patriarch spent most of his time in closed-door cultivation and refinement, no one ever dared to trouble him with such affairs. To hear him say such things, though, it would seem that he wished to step forth for the Feng family.

    The middle-aged man sitting in the second seat of honor pondered deeply for a moment before he looked to the old patriarch in the seat of honor and said with gravity, "Father, from what I know, as of late, Murong Bo has been pushing families to put pressure on the Feng Residence, and perhaps he wishes to use the Feng Guards for himself. It just so happens that the Green Gallop Crown Prince has arrived, suppressing and constraining this matter. If we stake our flag with the Fengs, I fear our Geng family alone would not suffice."

    "What exactly do you wish to say?" slowly asked the old Geng Family Patriarch as he looked to his son.

    "Because the heads of their family have fallen and because of Murong Bo's suppression, many families choose to avoid the Feng Residence, but there are still some families who will not stand idly by. The Old Patriarch Feng and Feng Xiao are upright men, and many people have been graced by their goodness. Those families would retreat at this call to action because they lack the strength to stand against the royal family. If our Geng family takes the lead, I assure you that they will stand behind us."

    Hearing this, the old Geng Family Patriarch nodded softly to himself, and even the others sitting around the room showed their consent.

    Indeed. This was the crux of the matter! Many people of Cloudy Moon City were graced by the goodness of the Old Patriarch Feng and Feng Xiao, but to ask these families to confront the royal family, they truly lacked the strength to do so. That is why so many had yet to stand up and why so many stood watching on the sidelines.

    The old Geng Family Patriarch nodded and said, "Mm, you handle this. I owe my life to the Old Patriarch Feng. With his whereabouts unknown and his son in a stupor, the weight of the Feng Residence must be borne upon the Young Miss Feng's shoulders alone. We Gengs are not ruthless people, and we cannot stand by and watch this happen. Even if no one else speaks up, would not our consciences still be overwhelmed?"

    "Yes, father. Have no fear. I know what to do," replied the Geng Family Patriarch in a subdued voice as he ordered several of his men to communicate with other families throughout the city, commanding others to prepare to check in on the Feng Residence. What exactly was Murong Bo trying to do at a time like this?

    Feng Guards throughout Cloudy Moon City watched as the large number of royal palace guards streamed through the dark streets towards the Feng Residence. Secretly keeping up, they hid in the dark, waiting to strike at the first sign of danger!

    Meanwhile, at the Feng Residence, Feng Jiu, who had just finished bathing, sat at the stone table in the courtyard wearing a simple gown. As Leng Shuang helped wring the water from her hair, she read casually from a book in her hands as she waited for her hair to dry.

    "Alright, Mistress," said Leng Shuang as he took a step back to help her gather her silky black hair together.

    "Mm," she said in reply, placing the book back in her Spatial Spirit Palace. Yawning, she was about to head to her chambers to go to bed when she saw a figure come running in.

    "Mistress, royal palace guards are encircling the residence!"
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