408 Spectacle in the Depths of Night!

    "Hmm?" said Feng Jiu, stopping, half-turning, and flicking her eyebrows back to the person that had just rushed in. In the twilight, her skin gave off a fascinating radiance as she gently parted her deep red lips to say, "The royal palace guards are encircling our Feng Residence? Why would they do that?"

    "They say they want us to hand over the men that attacked the Green Gallop Crown Prince," said Qi Kang who quickly lowered his head when he saw how scantily clad his mistress was.

    At this moment, Leng Shuang was already emerging from her chambers with her outer cloak. As she placed the cloak around her, Feng Jiu quickly tightened the sash around her waist, and Leng Shuang proceeded to help her tie her hair up with a silk ribbon. After simply arranging her hair, Leng Shuang stepped back and stood to attention.

    "Come on! Let's go take a look," said Feng Jiu as she straightened her clothes and made her way out of the courtyard.

    "Yes," replied Qi Kang as he quickly followed after.

    Meanwhile, outside the gates of the Feng Residence, the royal palace guards surrounded the entire complex with torches in their hands, illuminating a large area around them as if it were daylight. Apart from the two squads of royal palace guards surrounding the left and right flanks of the Feng Residence, there were also two squads of guards stationed to the left and right of the front gate, all dauntless and imposing.

    Heading these men were the two generals of the royal guard, both dressed in full suits of armor, wearing long swords at their waists. There was a fierceness to these men, and when you looked at them closely, you could see both elation and ruthlessness in their expressions.

    These men were overly eager to fulfill the command to arrest men from the Feng Residence. They were all too clear what the Feng family symbolized, and the guardians of the Feng family, known by all as the Feng Guards, were hailed as some of the best soldiers and guards that any could find. These generals long waited the chance to compare their might. Now that they finally had the chance to do so, they refused to let this opportunity slip them by.

    "Young Miss Feng! At the command of our Ruler, I am here to arrest the men that attacked the Green Gallop Crown Prince! Hand them over, Young Miss Feng!" the assertive, mystical voice of one of the two generals rang out loud and clear in the hush of night. His command was clearly heard by all within the Feng Residence and shocked the many people who had gathered to watch the events unfold.

    Attacked the Green Crown Gallop Prince? No!? Really?!

    "You, bang on the door!" said the general as he gestured to two royal guards, but just as the guards stepped forward and before their fists even landed on the door, the gates to the Feng Residence gradually opened. There, standing in the entrance was the red-dressed Young Miss Feng, her beautiful face evoking a sense of enchantment that immediately caught the two guards off-guard.

    Seeing the two dumbstruck guards, drooling with desire and awe at his mistress Feng Jiu, Leng Shuang instantly sent the two men flying with a powerful kick.

    "Shove off!" She jeered with a voice as cold and biting as hoar frost. Because the two royal guards were blown away by her beauty, they hadn't the sense to fend off his kick, which sent them tumbling to the ground.

    "You!" The two men yelled as they lunged back to their feet and unsheathed their swords to fight when they were yet again stunned by the beautiful and charming Young Miss Feng as she opened her mouth to speak, "What? You wish to fight at the gates to the Feng Residence?"

    Feng Jiu, dressed in red and carrying herself with such devilish confidence, looked past them with a half-amused smile. Her mesmerizing beauty that enraptured them was more a sense of inclination than an evil charm, and the confidence and coldness deep in her eyes forced the two guards to involuntarily bow their heads and step back, unwilling to look her straight in the eyes.

    Seeing the luminous red figure emerge, the crowds that encircled the residence were stunned and enraptured...
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