628 It’s a marvel

    She was already at her wit's end. With a wry smile, she crouched down and looked at the man in magnificent clothes who was currently embracing her foot. She patted him on the head. "Good boy, let go."

    The man looked at her with an infatuated gaze. His eyes were dazed. "Fairy... How beautiful..." Listening to her gentle words, he felt the fairy's hand patting his head gently. His lips arched a silly grin and at the same time released the hand holding her feet.

    "Do you see that water vat?" She smiled charmingly and pointed to the water vat beside her.

    It was unknown whether he was muddled from the wine or from seeing her smile. The man in magnificent clothes, still lying on the ground, nodded foolishly: "Mm, I see it."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Your whole body stinks with wine. Get in and wash up." She spoke with a smile, then added. "I won't go, I'll just wait for you here."

    Hearing this, the man's eyes brightened. "Really? I'll wash. Fairy, don't go." As he spoke, he quickly stood up and plopped into the water vat.

    When his body was immersed in the cool water, his original drunkenness dissipated and he suddenly came to his senses. The water vat was very big. The man was sitting in it with only his head exposed. At this time, he was covered with cool water. He sat in the water vat and stared at the young man in red standing in front of him.

    When he got sober, naturally he wouldn't mistake the young man in red for a woman.

    Especially, the young man's triumphant eyebrows carried a wanton and evil charm. Those were not a woman's characteristic at all. But his beautiful face was really unforgettable. No wonder he mistook the young man for a fairy when he was drunk.

    Recalling that he was on the ground embracing the young man's feet, even though they were both men, his face reddened and betrayed an embarrassed look after he got sober.

    "About that, this Young Master, I'm really sorry. I, I was drunk and mistook Young Master as a woman..." His eyes fluttered about since he was too embarrassed to look at the young man.

    Feng Jiu's brows raised up slightly, astonishment flashed in her eyes. Unexpectedly, this man in magnificent clothes would apologize after he got sober. She did not hold on to any resentment. After all, she also made fun of others.

    Thus, she just took a glance at the man and advised, "Drink less if your alcohol tolerance is low. It was fortunate that you met me today. Otherwise, you would end up at the bottom of the water vat." She flicked her robe and walked away.

    The man in the tub looked embarrassed, but when he recalled that the young man in red had crouched down in front of him and whispered something to him, patting him on the head, his look became strange again.

    When his friends and the restaurant manager came, they saw the man in magnificent clothes sitting in the water tank in a daze. It was a puzzle what he was thinking about, even his ears turned red. However, he told them that nothing serious happened and it was just a misunderstanding. Consequently, the matter settled down quietly and everything turned normal.

    Feng Jiu returned to the second floor and saw Xiao Yihan still drinking wine. She shook her head. "Big Brother Xiao, excessive drinking can only do harm. Don't drink too much wine." She came to the table and sat down. After a walk, she was no longer interested in eating or drinking.

    "Little Brother Feng, few men can drink as much as me. You look extremely delicate, yet unexpectedly, you can accompany me to drink so long without getting drunk. Your capacity for drinking is really out of the ordinary!"

    After the meal, he felt that the young man in front of him was getting more baffling The more contacts he had, the more he felt that the young man was multifaceted.
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