409 The Feng Guards Fill the Entire City?

    They knew that the Young Miss Feng Qing Ge was the most beautiful woman in all of Sun Glory. All men and boys across the land knew of her exceptional beauty, and they had all glanced her way as she passed them on the streets on this or that occasion, but to meet her so suddenly, they were all struck by how much more beautiful the Young Miss Feng seemed to be on this particular evening.

    Up to this point, her beauty had been something kind and gentle, like the soft glow of moonlight. Now, however, her beauty raged like the sun. That flash of fire in her eyes, so dazzling, so touching, those eyes, that smile, they were floored by her nonchalance! Even a slight gesture would send them swooning!

    But she was just an ordinary woman standing up to all these royal guards. Wasn't she scared?

    Thinking of this, the people steeled themselves and began to worry for her lot.

    Seeing her emerge from the residence, the two generals stepped forward, glaring at her as they bluntly spoke, saying"Young Miss Feng, I am here on orders. Handover the men that attacked the Green Gallop Crown Prince! The Ruler has ordered us to arrest the Young Miss Feng in their place if she harbors the fugitives!"

    "Attacked the Green Gallop Crown Prince? When? Why haven't I heard about this?" She said as she raised her eyebrows playfully at the two approaching generals.

    Seeing that she refused to give in, the two generals' faces darkened as one of them said, "The man you sent to the palace this evening was none other than the Green Gallop Crown Prince! Young Miss Feng, if you don't hand over those men posthaste, don't blame us for being unkind!"

    "Oh? And how will you be unkind?" she said with a slight grin, coolly returning their stares and saying, "And what's all this about? Why bring royal guards in the middle of the night to surround our residence? Who gave you the right to do so? If you don't give me a good answer, well, I might not be so kind myself!"

    "Tell me!" she yelled, though she remained coolly calm and collected, "Who gave you the right to surround the Feng Residence?" Her voice was sharp and stern that left them with a startling chill. Everyone in the vicinity could sense a mysterious turbulence in the air.

    More surprising still, however, was that the sound of her voice did not merely come from the Feng Residence. Instead, it seemed to resonate from behind them. Turning around to see why this was so, the royal guards could not hide the surprise on their faces when they realized what they saw. Rather than them surrounding the Feng Residence, it seemed as if the Feng Residence had now surrounded them!

    It seems as if her shout evinced alarm and surprise in all of the onlookers, including other clan elders!

    The Feng Guards! It was the elite band of guards loyal to the Feng Residence!

    They had already positioned themselves throughout Cloudy Moon City! So, so that's what they were planning! No wonder the Feng family could act so fearlessly when they knew they had a regiment of Feng Guards stationed here in Cloudy Moon City, here to protect their family!

    At once, an inexplicable sense of excitement surged through their hearts! Does the Feng family intend to oppose the royal family?! If they were another family, they would never lack the strength to do so. The Feng family, though, just might have the strength to overthrow Murong Bo!

    Thinking of this possibility, the onlookers were filled with both a sense of excitement and anticipation...

    Hearing her shout these words, the two generals felt a faintness in their hearts. Looking around them, they saw the faces of people standing about in the darkness. Were they commoners? Were they Feng Guards? One thing that they could be sure of, though, was that there were Feng Guards hidden among the crowds!
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