411 Side Concubine to Whom?

    "Hand them over!"

    The cold voice possessed the powerful force of an immortal cultivator, and once spoken, it seemed as if the atmosphere itself had changed so that people found it hard to breathe. The faces of some onlookers who had no cultivation or refinement began to gradually whiten, while others fell to their knees and simply crawled away.

    Even those with a cultivation base began to feel discomfort, they managed to suffer through it, breaking into a sweat as their stomachs began to turn. It was frightening just how much force and presence those simple words contained!

    At this point, one after another, people looked to where the voice had come from to see two gray-cloaked figures jump forward with flying swords, briskly landing at the gates to the Feng Residence to stand before Young Miss Feng.

    The two men stood with their hands behind their backs, dressed entirely in grey. Their hair tied up in knots, no black hair could be found upon their white heads, but perhaps because of their cultivation, not a single wrinkle could be found on their faces. From their voices and the white of their hair, you could tell that these two relics were at least 100 years old.

    This was the first time that these two men had laid their eyes upon the girl named Feng Qing Ge, the very girl that had enchanted their lord. They couldn't deny it - this girl had looks that were simply mesmerizing. It wasn't her looks though that were so enchanting about her, it was the way she carried herself.

    That self-confidence deep within her bones gave her an inherent dignity, and her nonchalance seemed to possess an evil charm to it. Her red dress was dazzling and made her seem sure-footed, yet wicked and wry. Seeing her temperament, demeanor, and mesmerizing looks, they saw that she was truly a stunning beauty. Even one look at her would be unforgettable.

    Indeed, they would be pressed to find such a woman in all of Green Gallop Country. No wonder their Lord was so enraptured from the moment he first saw her and was so determined to make her his Side Concubine. No wonder he came all the way from Green Gallop to this ninth-grade hamlet just to deliver her home himself.

    Treating this girl as their Lord's future Side Concubine, the two old men's faces softened, and they relaxed slightly. With an austere tone, the old man said, "Young Miss Feng, one of your men attacked our Lord. Did you think that this would end so easily? You ought to hand him over. Otherwise, even though you are to become our Lord's Side Concubine, we will not treat you so kindly!"

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu glared at them with a strange look, saying "What's this about me becoming your Lord's Side Concubine? When did I ever agree to this? Don't talk such nonsense. You'll ruin my reputation."

    Hearing this, the two old men raised their eyebrows, and one of them said, "Perhaps Your Ruler didn't tell you? We sent men here a long time ago, and our Lord came here himself to bring you back with him to be his women. This blessing of yours could last for generations!"

    "Heh-heh..." she laughed softly as she looked askance to the two men and said, "Blessed, you say? Then you ought to find someone else. I haven't the least interest in this blessing of yours." Looking over to the general lying on the ground, she raised her eyebrow and gently said, "What are you still doing here? Do you really wish to fight us?"

    Perhaps it was the arrival of the two old men and perhaps it was that the general's confidence was not yet spent, but he lifted his chin and with great pride, he said: "Young Miss Feng, why don't you just..."

    Everyone watched as the red-dressed figure flashed over like a ghost, silencing the general before he could finish his sentence...
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