412 A Shocking Means to an End!

    In a blink, a pair of thin white hands were clasped tightly around the general's neck, and though she didn't seem to apply any force, the general's face began to turn pale, and he couldn't even scream out. The pride that had once been on his face had disappeared, only to be replaced with a look of shock and terror!

    Time around them seemed to slow as if everyone was holding their breath. Stunned, they all looked on at the girl that moved so quickly.

    It seemed as if a cold and somber mood weighed upon her, with a chilling and awful presence to her, inferior to none. At this instant, they seemed to see a smile upon her beautiful face, but her smile seemed lacking in some way. No matter how they tried to interpret what had just happened, no one could deny the menacing, threatening mood about her.

    Was that the same Feng Qing Ge who had just been standing there before them so nonchalantly?

    At this moment, all that the onlookers could see was a bloodthirsty goddess...

    "Did you not hear what I said? Don't you know that I hate to repeat myself? Since you don't wish to go, then stay here forever!" said Feng Jiu in a cold, quiet, and murderous tone as she tightened her grip around his throat, giving the general no chance to struggle or resist. A terrible snap cracked through the silence, and the general's spirit seemed to slip away from him as his feet twitched once, twice. His life was ended, and sapped of strength, his arms flopped down to his sides.

    A chilling hush swept across the crowd having witnessed how ruthlessly and decisively she could kill at will.

    She acted so swiftly and with such flourish! The general had no chance to even block her, so much as react, before he died so effortlessly at her hands...

    Given the troubles that had befallen the Feng Residence, how could she dare kill with such indiscretion? What's more, that man was sent by the Ruler himself! Wantonly, she had stirred the pot between them, refusing to give face to the Ruler. Was she not afraid that Murong Bo could destroy the Feng Residence in a fit of rage?

    At this point, because the crowd was still stunned by what she had done, many of them had completely missed a much more incredible fact. That general had the strength of a mid-level martial master! How could she have possibly killed him that easily without so much as a bit of resistance?

    Only the head of the Geng family was carefully aware of this. Snorting softly to himself, he looked at Feng Jiu with a newfound sense of surprise and scrutiny.

    She effortlessly killed a great martial master, something that would take tremendous martial strength. And yet there seemed to be hardly any brutality to her. Her finesse and deft skill seemed to say otherwise, not to mention that speed! The general had tried to back away, but he was doomed from the moment he saw her! Clearly, there were unknown depths to her unimaginable strength!

    Suddenly, his curiosity about this Young Miss Feng began to grow. He had come here thinking that she needed their help, and he had never expected something like this would happen. What happened though affirmed a conviction in him that the Feng family wasn't quite as simple as people made them out to be.

    Even with the disappearance of the Feng Patriarch and the stupor that Feng Xiao had fallen into, even still, no one would dare mess with the Feng Residence with the Young Miss Feng standing watch!

    Except for...

    What was all this about the Crown Prince of Green Gallop Country? If he truly insisted on having her, seeing how Young Miss Feng considered the proposal, she obviously had no intentions to be with him. And yet, this whole incident began this evening when the Green Gallop Crown Prince was caught sneaking into the Feng Residence, for which he was roundly beaten.

    Roughing up the Green Gallop Crown Prince? Heh-heh...

    Something like that sounds exactly like something that only a Feng would do.
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