413 Don’t be Afraid, Little Feng Girl!

    Watching her kill the general, looks of fear appeared one by one on the faces of the royal guards around her, and they began to step back away from her. The hundred-odd men were led by only two generals, one of whom was now dead, while the other was badly injured. If they were to still advance towards the residence, would they not be simply sealing their fates?

    The two old men watched as Feng Jiu killed the man. Unflinching, they still could not help but feel surprised, though, by her strangeness and sternness. After all, they had thought of her as a simple minded beauty. They had not expected her to fight so unequivocally.

    Although, if she were an ordinary woman, their Lord would have never thought twice of her.

    Seeing the royal guards around them step back several paces with a look of fear and trepidation upon their faces, the two old men sighed loudly, and one of them shouted, "Nothing has changed! So what if he's dead!? Have you forgotten your Ruler's orders? Charge that door! Together with this Young Miss Feng, arrest everyone else in that Feng Residence!" hearing this, Feng Jiu's eyes frosted over, and just as she was about to speak, she heard an angry shout that affixed her in place.

    "Let's just see you try!" yelled out a wisened yet forceful voice that carried a powerful martial qi. As the voice rang out, a tangible and mystical atmosphere seemed to fill the air like water.

    Hearing this, the men from the Geng family were slightly taken aback, and they turned their heads back, in turn, to see a grey-cloaked figure quickly and furiously approaching, followed by many others. Realizing who it was, the men from the Geng family quickly ran over to greet him.

    "Father, what are you doing here?" the head of the Geng family quickly asked. He never imagined that the old patriarch would show up here.

    And yet, the old Geng Family Patriarch ignored him and instead strode forward, sagely scanning the crowd and pausing when he saw the two old men. He then proceeded over to stand in front of Feng Jiu.

    "My little Feng girl, there's nothing to fear. Even though your grandfather isn't here, I am here to protect you!" The old Geng patriarch said, looking at Feng Jiu who stared at him, distressed by the darkness. The poor child had been frightened by these men, and it seems like she was in a bit of shock. A young child like her with no one to protect her was a pitiful thing indeed.

    Thinking of this, his heart began to soften, and he forced the scowl on his face to soften into a smile. With a gentler voice, he said, "My little Feng girl, there's nothing to fear. With me here, no one will dare to hurt you!"

    At this point, the people of the Feng family were dumbstruck, especially Feng Jiu. Watching this old man's gruff expression bend into a smile to try to comfort her and hearing his kind words, Feng Jiu felt an inexplicable warmth in her heart.

    She remembered him, the old Geng Family Patriarch, an old friend of her grandfather of many years. She knew that he often visited the residence when she was a young child, but it had been many years since she had last seen him. And still, he looked the same as before. Nothing had changed about him.

    What she could never have expected, though, at a time like this, was that she would find this man standing before her and saying such kind things to her. She had to admit that this old friend of her grandfather was a decent man indeed.

    Realizing this, she smiled at him sweetly, and in that smile, her menacing expression seemed to disappear. Suddenly, she seemed to be just as pure and innocent as the neighboring girls, and if the onlookers had not seen it themselves, they would not have believed how inattentively she loosened her grip from around the general's neck, her eyes fixed sweetly upon the older man.

    "Grandfather Geng."

    "Oh! The little Feng girl still remembers old Grandfather Geng!" said the old Geng Family Patriarch, beaming with pride because she recognized him.
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