414 Intent to Kill!

    "I do! You brought me osmanthus cake once, Grandfather Geng, when I was a little," Feng Jiu said with a grin, her face pure and innocent.

    "Ah! Haha! What a memory you have, my little Feng girl. I haven't been to see your family in many years, and you still remember an old beard like me. What a sensible and well-behaved child you are!" said the old patriarch, as delighted to see her as if she were his own granddaughter, that is, if only his own granddaughter would remember him as well as she has, after all these years. What's more, he had only given the girl a few pieces of cake, and yet, to this day, she still remembered! What good manners!

    If only others knew that he thought of her as such a pure and innocent child...

    It would be one thing if they hadn't personally seen her kill a man without so much as batting an eye, but they had seen her act so strangely and ruthlessly. Hearing the old patriarch call her a sensible and well-behaved child, well, the words just did not seem to fit!

    What's more, was this really the best place and best time for those two to reminisce about days gone by?

    Lying on the ground just beside them was the still-warm corpse of a man, and they were still surrounded by over a hundred royal guards, along with the two elders from the Green Gallop Country. These forces all stood staring at them, and still, oblivious as ever, the two continued to converse.

    Seeing this, the head of the Geng family did not know whether to laugh or cry! His father still hadn't seen what was going on and hadn't seen how ruthless the Young Miss Feng could be. Perhaps he really did see her as just a sensible and well-behaved girl.

    What he found so unsettling and dumbfounding about this whole situation, though, was that the evil temperament of the Young Miss Feng, who carried herself with such nonchalant nobility, had disappeared without a trace. Standing before them now, she looked like nothing more than the harmless girl next door. He was speechless!

    "Mm, I know all about this. Don't worry, dear. Your grandfather isn't here, but Grandfather Geng is here to protect you!" said the old Geng Family Patriarch, nodding his head as he spoke to Feng Jiu. As he glared at the royal guards around them, he began to speak in a menacing tone, "Aren't you the royal guards of Sun Glory? Why then would you listen to the orders of two foreigners here to attack the daughter of a Sun Glory guardian? You heartless thugs! Hear what I have to say today! The Geng family defends the Feng Residence! Whoever dares to attack them, do not blame the Geng family for fighting back!"

    Hearing this, the royal guards who had wanted to advance were now second-guessing themselves. Yeah! Those two guys were Green Gallop men. If they're going to listen to someone's orders, why listen to theirs?! What's more, with one general dead and the other injured, why not seize this opportunity to retreat? Why not first inform the Ruler and go from there?

    Thinking of this, one of the royal guards called out a command to regroup, and the men quickly advanced to carry away the two generals. Having approached the residence in a hurry, the men left just as quickly. The whole thing was a bit embarrassing.

    Seeing this, the looks on the two old men's faces darkened, and glaring furiously at the old Geng Family Patriarch, one of them, with a look of menace, yelled, "What a ridiculous old fool! You want to take a stand? Well, let's see if you have what it takes!"

    At once, one of the men suddenly sent a punch flying towards the old Geng Family Patriarch in an attempt to kill him on the spot. It seemed as if this sudden attack was meant to both vent their anger at the old Geng Family Patriarch who was meddling with their plans and also to shock Feng Jiu to let her know that there would be no end in sight for her if she opposed their Green Gallop Country!
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