416 This Can’t Happen!




    Hearing his sons and grandchildren cry out in alarm, the old patriarch steadied himself and narrowed his eyes. As if he didn't see the fist of death that the Golden Core cultivator was sending his way, he annoyedly yelled to them, "What's all that blubbering?! I'm not dead yet!"

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu, who was off to the side, couldn't help but smile. Both of her eyes were fixed brightly upon the old man, but what no one noticed in this instant, was that her two hands, hidden beneath her sleeves, were toying with a silver needle.

    Still smiling in the old patriarch's direction, Feng Jiu's eyes quickly flitted over to the Golden Core cultivator who was heading this way to attack. As she stealthily flicked her wrist, sending the silver needle flying, she shouted out to the old patriarch in an adoring tone: "Grandfather Geng hang in there! You're the best!"

    The Golden Core cultivator was startled by Feng Jiu's sudden cry, and in that instance, it felt as if something wasn't quite right, but he paid it no attention and coolly smiled. The best? This Young Miss Feng is far too naive!

    A second later, though, the look on his face began to change...

    "Hahaha! Yes! Of course, it's my little Feng girl who has my heart, not like those family members of mine who just know how to stand on the sidelines and gape!"

    Like a mischievous child, the old Geng Family Patriarch was elated by her cheering. With a laugh, he flared his nostrils and opened up his eyes wider, gathering the strength of his entire body into his hands. Rushing forward, he screamed: "Pulverizer!"

    In that instant, the old Geng Family Patriarch pushed his hands forward and a visibly powerful and mystical force surged forward like a wave out from his hands to meet the attacking Golden Core cultivator, the look on whose face had already changed dramatically. Instantly, it seemed as if a great force slammed into the Golden Core cultivator's body, and the man himself went flying over a hundred meters!


    As the heavy force smashed into the Golden Core cultivator's body, bystanders could have heard the sound of bones crunching in two, but because of the Golden Core cultivator's gut wrenching scream of pain, no one seemed to have noticed.


    The old Geng Family Patriarch watched as the Golden Core cultivator strangely went flying without so much as a shred of resistance. Knowing that his opponent was a Golden Core cultivator, he amassed a ten-ton force to attack him, but he should have shown at least some resistance to his attack. Right?

    What just happened?!

    Other than the old patriarch, who was more than a little surprised at his own might, onlookers were unblinkingly dumbstruck at what they had just seen.

    That was a Golden Core cultivator! When did a mid-level martial cultivator like him ever gain the skills to defeat a Golden Core cultivator?! How could he have sent him flying with a single punch!? That's... that's impossible!

    "Ma... master, when did the old patriarch become so... so powerful?!" one of the men from the Geng family asked, gulping in surprise, his eyes fixed firmly upon the old patriarch.

    The head of the Geng family's emotions fluctuated violently from new highs down to new lows. He too felt that it was unbelievable and went against reason, but he couldn't put his finger on what felt so weird about what had just happened. After all, everyone could tell that the two fought without any assistance, but seeing that Golden Core cultivator go flying from the old patriarch's ten-ton punch...

    Meanwhile, the other Golden Core cultivator stared furiously at the old Geng Family Patriarch with a look of awe. Murmuring in awe, he said, "This can't happen! This goes against reason! This isn't right!"

    Staring at his own two hands in disbelief, the confused old Geng Family Patriarch was still doubtful when he heard a surprised and excited voice...
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