417 Just You Wait!

    "Grandfather Geng! You're amazing!"

    The old Geng Family Patriarch lifted his head, surprised to see that the little Feng girl was already standing in front of him, both eyes beaming as she looked at him with utter excitement. Seeing this, the old patriarch was overjoyed and felt a rush of happiness, completely forgetting any misgivings he had just had. He whooped with laughter, "It seems like my skills aren't all that rusty, huh! Hahaha!" Rubbing his lower back with one hand and tugging at his beard with the other, the old patriarch tossed back his head and smugly laughed to himself.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu grinned and couldn't help but notice how similar the old Geng Family Patriarch was to her own grandfather. Shifting her gaze slightly, she looked over to the Golden Core cultivator that had gone flying as a glimmer of light passed through his eyes.

    If his opponent were not a Golden Core cultivator, protected by his years of refinement, the old Geng Family Patriarch's attack would have surely taken his life. Now, however, it seems that the man would have to recover for at least a good two or three weeks.

    At this point, the other old man who had just recovered from the shock of what had happened did not step forward to challenge the old Geng Family Patriarch but instead went over to the other old man who was still sprawled on the ground. Helping him stand up, he reprimanded the man saying, "What's the matter with you? How could you not have blocked such a simple punch?!

    Coughing twice and spitting out a wad of blood, the other old man clutched at his chest in pain as he was helped up. It felt as if his sternum was fractured and that he had suffered a serious internal injury. He couldn't help but look to the old patriarch.

    "Go! Let's get out of here!" he yelled scornfully as anger burned in his heart. He, a Golden Core cultivator, was ashamed to have been so roundly defeated by a lowly mid-level martial cultivator!

    Seeing this, the other old man muttered something under his breath and helped the man quickly shuffle away.

    "Good! Great! Hahaha!"

    A joyful chorus and resounding laughter erupted to fill the evening air as the people standing around were filled with heartfelt praise and a sense of excitement to see the two Golden Core cultivators shamed in such a way. Hearing the laughter and praise as they left the scene heaped a stinging sense of shame upon the two men.

    "Just you wait!" the angry Golden Core cultivator yelled back at them, which only added to their amusement. Normally, a threat like this would carry a certain weight to it, but as soon as the words left his lips, the crowd only seemed to laugh even louder.

    "Father, what's wrong?" the head of the Geng family said as he ran over to the old Geng Family Patriarch's side, checking for injuries from the last blow he had received.

    "I'm fine. I'm fine! Alright?" the old Geng Family Patriarch said as he waved his son away from him. Smiling sweetly at Feng Jiu, he said, "My little Feng girl, I know it's late, but I still have something I need to discuss with you."

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu was somewhat surprised, but she smiled and said, "After you, Grandfather Geng." Turning slightly, she gestured for him to enter the residence.

    "Everyone else has gone back already. Come on in with me!" said the old Geng Family Patriarch as he turned around, gesturing for the head of the Geng family to enter as well.

    Seeing this, the head of the Geng family nodded and followed the old patriarch into the Feng Residence.

    Feng Jiu quickly scanned the room and then said to Qi Kang and the others, "Since the Feng Guards are all here, do what you do best. Take your positions around the Feng Residence and await my orders."

    "Yes!" several men responded respectfully. They waited until she went in to look to one another, and with a whistle, the Feng Guards scattered throughout the crowd instantly appeared. One by one, they quickly trotted forward to stand to attention and await their orders...
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