418 A Sense of Unease!

    In the Feng Residence,

    After Feng Jiu led the old Geng Family Patriarch and the head of the Geng family into the main hall, servants brought in tea and left. Other than Leng Shuang who stood to beside Feng Jiu to attend to her, there was only the old Geng Family Patriarch and his son. Everyone else stood waiting outside.

    "My little Feng girl, I have been in closed-door meditation for quite some time, and I only heard about your family's troubles when I emerged. With your grandfather missing and your father in a stupor, how do you plan to deal with what happens next?" The old Geng Family Patriarch said, pressing directly to the matter at hand, foregoing any subtleties.

    "Grandfather Geng, there's no need for you to worry about my family. As you saw yourself this evening, it's not so easy for those people to take advantage of us. I have the ability and the confidence to protect us." she said, smiling with confidence. It seemed as if she never twice considered those enemies of hers. The old patriarch and his son couldn't help but feel a bit uncomfortable by her assuredness and couldn't imagine what made her so confident.

    "And what of this Green Gallop Crown Prince? Murong Bo is one thing, and if we joined together with other families and forces to resist him, Murong Bo would never dare to mess with you. This Green Gallop Crown Prince, though, I fear that our combined strength would still fail to suffice," said the old Geng Family Patriarch with a worried look as he spoke of what troubled him most.

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled weakly and said, "Tonight, the Geng family stood up to support us, and I worry that this will bring trouble to your family as well. I ask you, Grandfather Geng to leave this matter alone. Please do not intervene or I fear that the Geng family will be mired in this as well. As for what to do about this..." pausing for a moment, she grinned and said, "I'm sure I'll think of something!"

    Hearing this, the old Geng Family Patriarch was a little surprised, and the head of the Geng family was taken aback. He had thought that the Young Miss Feng would try to hold onto any support she could find, and with the Geng family standing up for her, she would be able to defend the Feng family. He never imagined that she would turn them down because she was worried about their wellbeing. That was truly beyond his expectations!

    He never would have thought that a family like the Fengs, which had no sons, could raise such a cunning and confident girl like the Young Miss Feng. She was rare indeed!

    And yet, remembering how she had been smiling one moment only to kill that general without batting an eye in the next, her decisive and ruthless moves reminded him that she wasn't as innocent as she looked.

    And yet his father still seemed to see the Young Miss Feng, smiling so sweetly, as a pure and well-behaved little girl. The head of the Geng family had a sense of unease as he listened to his father recount the events and mention other matters, worrying over Feng Jiu all the while as if she were his own granddaughter.

    The old Geng Family Patriarch spoke with Feng Jiu in the main hall for close to an hour. Though he asked about Feng Xiao's condition, Feng Jiu never answered him directly, and only after she had personally escorted the two men out the gates did she go to her father's courtyard to tell him about how the Geng family had stood up to defend them.

    As for Murong Yi Xuan, when he heard of what happened that evening at the Feng Residence, he stood silently at the window for a long time, unsure of what to do next...

    In the palace, Murong Bo was furious. After receiving a report on the events, the sound of his angry swearing echoed throughout the palace corridors. When he heard of the families and forces that stood in defense of the Feng family, his whole body seemed to shake with rage.

    "Fine! Terrific! When the Feng family falls, they will rue the day they stood against me!"

    As for the Green Gallop Crown Prince who was resting in the palace...
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