420 Teach Her a Lesson?

    "A medical virtuoso?" inquired Nie Teng as he looked to the middle-aged man beside him. Raising an eyebrow, he said, "Did you miss something in your investigations that I sent you out on? How could someone like that be protecting the Feng family?" Saying this, it seemed as if he suddenly thought of something else as a spark of light seemed to flicker across his dark brooding eyes.

    "Your Highness, I fear that this person is none other than the Ghost Doctor. As they say, a dragon moves with wizardly elusiveness, and any hopes for finding his whereabouts are slim. It seems that he has connections with the black market, so I believe we are at a loss." The middle-aged man said and sighed as he faithfully reported to His Highness. The Ghost Doctor had been causing quite a bit of trouble since he was last sighted in Green Gallop. His medical concoctions were of immeasurable worth. Indeed, you would be pressed to find such an alchemist of comparable worth in even Green Gallop, which is why the black market, with its tentacles reaching across many different kingdoms, would dote on him as an honored guest.

    "Who would have thought that a lowly family like the Fengs could keep company with a legend like the Ghost Doctor!?" he said with a grin as he thought of the spellbindingly beautiful girl. Sighing, he said, "It's a shame that the Ghost Doctor would even try to take my woman!"

    Hearing this, the middle-aged man lowered his head slightly and stood off to the side with respect.

    Looking to Nie Teng's face, still covered in a thick layer of ointment, uneasily, the doctor wished to admonish him for not resting until his face had healed. How could he still pine so longingly for the Young Miss Feng? Surely his ears were still ringing from the last beating!

    "Your Highness, the Ruler of Sun Glory is outside and wishes to see you." reported a man who just came in. Sneaking a glance at Nie Teng's swollen face, he quickly and sheepishly lowered his glance.

    Nie Teng, naturally, noticed the look in the man's eyes and glaring at him, said, "Let him enter."

    "Yes, Your Highness!" said the man, and he quickly backed out of the room.

    Shortly thereafter, Murong Bo entered. Upon seeing Nie Teng reclining on the daybed, he quickly gestured salutations and said with indignation, "Your Highness, Crown Prince, the Fengs have crossed a line! Their impudence has gone on for far too long! For them to treat you in such a way, I had sent my men to arrest them, but I failed to realize that my men were so utterly worthless! To come back so empty-handed, I..."

    Before he could finish, Nie Teng interrupted him. "That's why you came here?" said Nie Teng, glancing to him and speaking in a reprimanding tone.

    Hearing this, Murong Bo cleared his throat, straightened himself up, and said, "Actually, I came here because I wished to speak Your Highness on another matter. Given this flagrant ignorance from the Fengs, Your Highness need not pull any punches, but I fear that the Feng Residence is a lost cause. Although, with the might of Green Gallop Country, resistance like that which we face from the Feng Residence could be easily squashed. Given your inclinations towards the Young Miss Feng, perhaps she could be brought back here directly for a bit of education?"

    "Are you telling me how to command my own affairs?" he said in a low, cool voice, as he seemed to exude an air of cold gloom that sent a shudder down Murong Bo's spine.

    Feeling the skin tighten across his face, Murong Bo quickly countered, "Never, Your Grace! It's just that I see no need for Your Highness to toil after a lowly girl to such great lengths."

    The attending middle-aged man nodded softly to himself in agreement. He too felt that there was no need to go to such great lengths for a foolish girl. A girl! If His Highness wanted her so badly, he could send someone to fetch her. Perhaps, once he had her, His Highness's curiosity would finally wane.

    Thinking of this, he thought to himself perhaps I should find a way to deliver the Young Miss Feng to His Highness' chambers?
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