421 Forced Marriage

    After looking askance to Murong Bo, he looked over to the doctor and asked in a low and commanding voice, "Will the injuries to my face be better by tomorrow?"

    Hearing this, the doctor quickly looked to Nie Teng, and seeing the black ointment upon his face, he lowered his gaze and replied with respect, "The ointment Your Highness is using now is Green Gallop's prized black-spirit ointment, coveted for its astounding use in improving blood circulation. With this ointment, Your Highness' facial swelling and bruising will be healed long before tomorrow morning comes around. It'll be as if nothing ever happened."

    Hearing this, Murong Bo seethed with envy. Of course, a sixth-grade powerhouse will have such captivating wonders as concoctions like this that promote blood circulation. If he used your average ointment for bruises like that, he would still be swollen and suffering for days. To think that he would be as good as new in a couple hours with that marvelous black-spirit ointment of theirs if only Murong Bo could see the mystical means by which such a delightful medicine was concocted!

    Hearing the doctor's prognosis, Nie Teng's mood brightened somewhat. Closing his eyes again, he said, "Have the men unload the dowry from the airship. We leave for the Feng Residence first thing tomorrow morning."

    Hearing this, the middle-aged man's nearly jumped and quickly answered,"Yes, Your Highness!"

    Then, striding out the door, the man gave His Highness's orders to the subordinates to unload the dowry from the airship. First thing tomorrow morning, they would follow His Highness to the Feng Residence.

    To him, if His Highness would command someone to fetch her from the residence, this matter could be wrapped up much faster!

    Accompanying them were the eight Golden Core cultivators, four of whom were peak Golden Core cultivators. In their company were over 100 guards, so leaving with the Young Miss Feng in tow was all but a given!

    Hearing Nie Teng's orders, Murong Bo clasped his hands together and retreated, filled with joy. He thought to himself that no matter what tricks the Fengs had up their sleeves, they would never be able to block Nie Teng's determination to leave for Green Gallop with Feng Qing Ge!

    Once Feng Qing Ge was gone, the Feng Residence would be without a pillar to keep it standing. If he stoked the fires further, the Fengs would finally come to their inevitable end!

    Thinking of this, Murong Bo was heady with excitement, and he couldn't help but cackle with joy.

    On the morning of the second day, the cracking sound of fireworks popped three times at dawn, waking the sleepy citizens of Cloudy Moon City...

    Rushing out to see where the noise had come from, people were surprised to see a long procession of men carrying dowry items heading towards the Feng Residence. Following behind the procession to make sure they didn't miss anything, people began to chat with one another, and it was soon learned that there were eight mounted cultivators in the middle of the procession, and in the luxury sedan that they were carrying was none other than His Highness, the Green Gallop Crown Prince, Nie Teng.

    "Does that mean the Green Gallop Crown Prince is really going to take the Young Miss Feng as a side concubine? I thought the Fengs rejected the offer? You think he'll take her by force?" said one of the onlookers.

    "What's wrong with forcing it?" said another, "Nowadays, everyone respects when you live by a show of force. Just look at how feared the Green Gallop forces are. The Ruler would never mess with them! Do you think the Fengs will even try to put up a resistance? What do you think last night was all about?! This morning's dowry procession all but proves that he's taking her by force! The way I see it, the Green Gallop Crown Prince won't rest until the Young Miss Feng joins his harem."

    "Man! Talk about a face that could launch a thousand ships!" said a third.

    "Right? The Young Miss Feng's reputation as an enchanting beauty must have spread far and wide! I doubt anyone can defend her like last time. If someone as strong as this has eyes for her, how could she ever escape? Sure, call her a side concubine, but everyone knows she'd just be just another concubine!" said a fourth.
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