423 How Frightful!

    Luo Yu stared dumbfounded at the person dressed in a red dress exuberating a breath of murderous air. If it weren't for the familiar face and the fact that Feng Residence was heavily guarded, he would have thought that his Mistress was being impersonated by someone else.

    Leng Shuang was not shocked as she waits on her Mistress daily, she knew that her temper was never good when she first woke up. It wasn't so bad if she did not explode, but once she exploded her temper was awful.

    The people from Green Gallop Country continuously brought trouble to the Feng Residence, let alone their Mistress, even they were angered by it.

    Feng Jiu's cold murderous eyes lifted up to meet Luo Yu's. She walked over to the table in the courtyard to sit down and said: " Bring me some of your explosives." While she was speaking, she had already picked out seven or eight bottles in mid-air.


    Luo Yu took out seven or eight explosives out from the pockets on his waistband, the power of each had been increased. When he saw that his Mistress had taken apart the tubes and remodulated them, he was dumbfounded.

    No way! Mistress knows about this too? That was gunpowder inside! She actually took it apart?

    The more he watched, the bigger his eyes got. He thought that it would be broken by her, but after she had taken them apart and added some more powder, then reassembled them again, the seven or eight bombs on the table looked good as new.

    "Mistress, how do you know how to assemble bombs? You know how to make it?" Even his Master did not know how to make it. He had modified it from firecrackers and the killing power is great. But how was it that his Mistress had no problems with it at all?

    "Well, I dabbled a bit with it in the past." She answered but her hands had not stopped moving.

    As the hidden ghost leader of an organization which gathered insane prodigies proficient in medicine and poison and executed covert assassinations. She was viewed as insane and demonic in the eyes of people of the world. How could she not make explosives?

    Dabbled in the past?

    Luo Yu stared dumbfounded, her movements were more skilled than his. He asked: " Mistress, what is the purpose of the medicine that you mixed into it?

    Won't the medicine that was mixed in with the gunpowder not be able to light up? He had never tried it that way. The ratios can't be wrong. If you got it wrong, the explosives would be destroyed and it won't be successful.

    After she had reassembled the seven or eight explosives on the table, she looked up at him and revealed a smile with a strange look: "Do you want to know? You will find out later."

    Luo Yu was surprised by the smug smile on her face, his heart trembled a little as he watched her get up to go and wash her hands at the back. He walked quickly to Leng Shuang's side and asked quietly: "Leng Shuang, what's happened to Mistress? Why does she not seem quite right today?"

    In actual fact, he wanted to say that his Mistress today looked terribly frightful.

    Leng Shuang glanced at him and said: "Mistress has a temper when she wakes up."

    It was said that Luo Yu was then able to relax. It was said that people who had a temper when they woke up would be extremely explosive if they did not get enough sleep.


    He quietly exhaled and pondered secretly. In the future, he must not hit the gun, or else....

    When he thought of the strange smile on his Mistress' lips, he could not help but shudder.

    How frightful.....
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