424 Door To Feng Residence Opens!

    When Feng Jiu came back from washing her hands, she looked at Luo Yu and said: "Bring the explosives on the table with you and follow me out."

    "Yes!" Luo Yu quickly answered respectfully and proceeded to pick up the things on the table before he followed behind her.

    Luo Yu's master as well as the other Martial Uncles were in Feng Xiao's courtyard protecting his safety. As for Qi Kang and the rest, they kept watch in front of the door. At this time, in front of the main door, were two groups people standing opposite to each other. One group was carrying the dowry, and the other group wearing phoenix silver armour was the Feng Guards.

    About a hundred meters away, the onlookers looked at the two groups of people standing opposite each other, their expressions unearthly. This way of welcoming the family, was the first time anyone had seen. It was likely that at some point a fight will ensue, but which side will win?

    Everyone knew that the Feng Guards were excellent. However, they are not good enough against the Green Gallop Country soldiers. The company the Green Gallop Prince had brought with him was highly skilled. The fighting power of a Golden Core cultivator was worth more than one hundred or even a thousand guards. Even if there were more people in Feng Residence, they could not compete against them.

    "Our Crown Prince has come personally to propose marriage, open up the main door quickly!"

    A Golden Core cultivator walked up and sighed, the power of of the cultivator spread like a water pattern. He headed towards the Feng Guards in front of the main door, his power was strong, far from that of the guards. With just a breath and one felt bloody in his chest and regurgitated blood through the mouth.

    The body became stiffer in the sound of this kind of pressure, and there was a feeling that it was impossible to move. One by one, the powerful pressure caused the men to have bloodshot eyes as they stared straight at the Golden Core cultivator.

    There was a look of surprise in the eyes of the Golden Core cultivator. The strength of these Feng Guards was not the level of any big martial artist. In the face of his Golden Core pressure, they could still stand up like this. He has to say that he is a bit stunned.

    If it were other people, even if he was the Foundation Core cultivator, they would not dare stare at him under pressure. It could only be said that the Feng Guards were all tough as iron and do not easily succumb to anyone. It was no wonder that the Feng Residence Guards were able to shake down the surrounding countries.

    Qi Kang and some others stood by the main door and stared at the Golden Core cultivator. The strong breath came towards them and they felt the power of the cultivator. They could definitely resist that strength.

    They wouldn't be able to hold back the pressure. When the blood surged from their chest and out through their mouths, the door will open. At this point, the Golden Core cultivator released his pressure.


    Seven of them turned back to and saw her walking towards them in her red dress. Although she was not officially their mistress, they still chose to call her that.

    Just that....

    As they saw the beautiful smile on her face and were enchanted by her fascinating beauty, the seven people quietly retreated to the side.

    Perhaps it was their familiarity with her, they understood that the sweeter she smiled and the more harmless she seemed... the more dangerous it was...
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