425 An Expensive Dowry!

    "Hey, what is all this? Why are you carrying so many boxes of things? You aren't giving them to me for free are you?"

    Feng Jiu who was dressed in a fiery red dress glanced at the group of people who stood in front of her, as her gaze glazed over at the boxes embroidered with red silk flowers. The smile on her face was so sweet, like a harmless little sheep. She was still smiling as she looked at the luxurious sedan chair that sat in the middle of the doorway.

    The Golden Core cultivator at the front gave her a glance before he said in a calm voice: "Miss Feng, today my Highness has personally come to bring you dowry gifts. Since you have come out, that's great. Please accept the dowry and come back with us!"

    When she heard the words, her eyebrows raised as she looked at the boxes, bystanders could not understand the look in her eyes as she smirked and replied: "These are dowry gifts?"

    "Yes, in order to show our Highness' deep appreciation and sincerity for Miss Feng, he had ordered a hundred boxes of treasures as dowry." The Golden Core cultivator's voice was clear and imbued with profound qi as it drifted into the ears of those who even stood from afar.

    When they heard that it was a hundred boxes of treasures, some people oozed with envy, and some even showed scorn and disdain.

    "A hundred boxes of treasures and he wishes to marry me? No, that's not right, he wants to take me as a concubine?" She stepped forward and smiled: "I thought these things were for an apology! After all, these past two days you have caused my residence a lot of trouble."

    Upon hearing those words, many people sucked in a cold breath, not expecting Miss Feng to speak to the Golden Core cultivator in such a manner despite knowing that if one angered him, all it would take was his hand to send her flying.

    The Golden Core cultivator frowned and his expression was unpleasant. She was just a girl and she had the audacity to speak to him in this manner. Did she really think she was that important? His Highness had been interested in her for some time. Had she not the protection of His Highness, she would find it very difficult to survive in the Green Gallop Country.

    "Miss Feng, do you know what you are talking about?" The Golden Core cultivator stared at her with a sullen look. "Our Highness has taken a fondness to you, even if there wasn't a hundred boxes of treasures, we could just take you back with us and no one would dare do anything about it!"

    "What insolence!"

    An angry shout resounded from the Feng Guards, it was one filled with cold and indignance. That piercing shout came from one of the Feng Guards that had imbued his profound qi in it and when it he shouted it out, it was like a sharp blade that had been unsheathed that flew towards that Golden Core cultivator. It became visible to the naked eye as it took form and swept towards that Golden Core cultivator,

    The Golden Core cultivator was startled and he raised his hand bringing down a strong spiritual force and smashed it into the Feng Guards. In his heart he was secretly shocked.

    These people...

    It looked like he had to speak to His Highness, that when they brought Miss Feng back with them, they needed to bring the Feng Guards too! They would make a strong team!

    At this point, Feng Jiu smirked and looked at the Golden Core cultivator: "Oh. I am so honoured? I am really flattered!"

    Her lips curved into a strange smile as she continued speaking: "Since you have sent over a hundred boxes of treasures, why don't I give you a big gift in return?"
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