426 Feng Guards Receive Order!

    Upon hearing these words, he was puzzled. He watched as Feng Jiu smiled and spoke to Luo Yu by her side. In the next moment, a voice imbued with profound energy came from Luo Yu.

    "All Feng Guards to receive orders!"

    When this was said, the people from Green Gallop Country were vigilant as they thought they were about to fight.

    Even the spectators from a hundred metres away thought that the Feng Guards were going to fight with the Green Gallop Country people. Therefore, even the Geng Family had brought forth many of their family members to look on, including the Geng Family Patriarch.

    "Father, if the Feng Guards fight with the Green Gallop Country people, do we really have to help?"

    The Geng Patriarch looked at the Old Patriarch Geng as he asked him. Deep down he was worried. After all the power of the Golden Core cultivator was no small feat. It was not something their people could withstand. If it weren't as a last resort, he did not want to make such an enemy.

    "Let's see! The Feng Family girl says she can handle it, I want to see her ability." Old Patriarch Geng said as he looked at the scene in front of him. The people were waiting and the horses were ready, if Feng Family had the ability, they should strike now.

    "Awaiting orders!"

    All the Feng Guards shouted out and the sound was deafening. They stood ramrod straight and each of them held a long sword in one hand. Their eyes were beaming and they were ready for battle!

    "All to retreat hundred metres to your left and right!"

    Luo Yu's voice rang out. When they heard these words, the Green Gallop Country people were stunned for a moment. Even the Feng Guards who were ready for battle were stunned. However, their strict and rigorous training ensured that they executed their orders without any questions, and they quickly retreated hundred metres on each side.

    Feng Jiu stared at the people in front and smirked slightly. Once Leng Shuang and the rest had retreated, she said only one word to Luo Yu: "Throw!"

    As her voice descended, Luo Yu grinned and stared at the Golden Core cultivators and other people. He threw the bamboo tubes in front of them.

    When the bamboo tubes were thrown out, the Golden Core cultivators sneered. But before they could react, they heard loud blasts all around them, and a powerful force exploded. Smoke diffused from the explosion and there were exclamations and screams from everyone.

    "Hey, what the hell was that!"

    "Ah! My legs!"

    "Hey! It hurts, it's itchy..."

    "Bang! Bang bang bang..."

    In the chaos, screams of exclamation drifted out from the smoke. The bystanders were stood staring with their eyes wide open as they watched the bamboo tubes burst open with force. They watched as the group of men became confused in the blast, and as some guards were blown to pieces and fell only a few metres away from them.

    "Feng Qing Ge!"

    A sombre voice fueled with anger rang out. In the next moment, an old man appeared alongside Nie Teng. On the outside of the two people was a visible spiritual force that condensed into a protective cover, protecting the two people from the smoke outside.


    Feng Jiu stared at the old man and Nie Teng as a slight astonishment flashed by her eyes. The Golden Core cultivator did not respond in time at that moment. Even if he had reacted timely, it could not match the speed at which the explosives were blasted, hence to be able to protect Nie Teng under such circumstances was no simple feat.
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